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Joe Edgar commented on Adrián Nagy Hinst's blog post All-in-one portable "ground station" was born in Hungary....
"I am new to this site and it's this type of work that I find so interesting. I'm good with mechanical design but terrible with the electronic end of machines. Could somebody offer an opinion what type of vidio system is best. Small LCD unit with…"
Sep 7, 2013
Joe Edgar commented on Adam Conway's blog post Labor Day Weekend Quadcopter Build
"That's a great start for a future pilot/designer. I spent an evening with my granddaughter reviving some old paper airplane designs. I think it is very important children start getting back to building things and getting their hands dirty at an…"
Sep 4, 2013
Joe Edgar commented on Tommy Larsen's blog post Full size Y6 Air-Scooter
"Single generator, DC offers some benefit. Electric motors swinging the blades. Operate in ground effect only. Everglades, frozen lakes, salt flats etc.."
Aug 31, 2013
Joe Edgar commented on Tom Mahood's blog post Personal Drones May Present Public Safety Concerns
"Any device can be harmful to the general public. A carpenter could cause serious injury with a cordless skill saw. An iron worker could drop a rivet from twenty stories up. A responsible drone operator could have an unlucky accident that could cause…"
Aug 30, 2013
Joe Edgar commented on Andreas's blog post Deadly RC Helicopter Accident in Switzerland
"Anything can hurt you when there is an accident. It would be wrong in my opinion to blame larger size model helicopters. Years ago I was a passenger in a car ridding in the back seat. A woman who was doing her makeup lost control of a cotton ball…"
Aug 26, 2013
Joe Edgar posted a discussion
Hello, new to the site and am just a novice at this point. Very good mechanically but could use help on the electronics side of things. What is the best system for video transmission from heli or plane? Are the 7" Monitores with built in receivers…
Aug 26, 2013