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Dealing with spammers on DIY Drones

Folks, you may have seen that the price of DIY Drones' increasing traffic and Page Rank is that the spammers are now targetting us pretty regularily. As a result, I've had to turn on moderation for blog posts. That means that when you post, it won't show up until a moderator (there are a couple dozen of them) approves it. Hopefully, that will always be within an hour. Sorry for the inconvinence! (This doesn't affect the discussion forum, which the spammers don't seem to target)
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    Brian, I'm not sure I'm following your point. My AV software scanned the photo when I downloaded it. Ning scanned it again when it was uploaded. Surely that's all you can reasonably expect?
  • Moderator
    @Chris: No disrespect intended, but that was some very BAD advise.

    In a shared environment members should be actively running a good (well-known) AV scanner. If your scanner software is not configured to automatically alert the user to potential or know risk files then files should be manually scanned prior to working with them. Files should be scanned prior to uploading them also. Sites like Ning make attempts to ensure posted content is safe for their users but often LACK. As a user, just because you know or trust the person who posted something to another site, don't trust the content.
    Trust me, having to reload your system and loose a bunch of stuff you don't have backed up due to a virus sits about as well as having to replace your car's engine because you never checked the oil... ie NOT GOOD
    Just one support guy's $.02
  • Moderator
    I didn't mean your photo, it appears as though the Ning API site is marked as possibly unsafe since it contains trojans...not related to the DIYDrones stuff at all.
  • Moderator
    Here is the link to the Symantec report.
  • 3D Robotics
    Ric, that photo should be fine. I uploaded it myself and it went through virus check on my side. I got it from Jordi
  • yes this was a big problem on a community site like this that am also apart of called letsmakerobots.com. They made a report spam button so if 2 people reported it, then it was taken down. It took them a while to do that but it works.
  • Moderator
    After having been on the DIYDrones for years(or something like that?) and never seen this before...
    I just had my Norton Internet Securuity alarm go off and detect a dozen viruses on the NING site.

    I had just been following Chris's answer to a thread which called a photo (Part(27).JPG) from the NING library.

    I know we've been experiencing alot of Spam lately, but is this a valid alert?

    (I deleted the links I had inserted here since they actually contained the trojans)
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    Thanks, Mark! You're upgraded.
  • Developer
    I am logged in most of the time, and was wondering about these bloggers. I would be glad to moderate while online
  • 3D Robotics
    Jack, I've promoted you, too. Not sure if that means that your posts don't need to be moderated, you can moderate them yourself, or something else, but we'll soon find out.
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