Dean burn #2

For the 2nd time, we plugged the genderless micro Dean connectors in the wrong way & got an explosion followed by fire.




Without any gender, many a modeler has plugged 2 batteries into each other with these connectors, but why would anyone except a complete idiot say anything bad about a connector they spent $5 on?  Well, let us be the 1st complete idiot & regale the world with this new revelation.










This time, we got a pretty nasty burn.  The micro Dean connectors are the best connector for the job, but the lack of gender makes them Satan.  Marcy 1 has a new objective: finding a better micro connector.



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    Try this out:

    1. Push a section of heat-shrink over the battery lead with pre-existing soldered micro Deans.

    2. Mate the micro Deans to another micro Deans, perhaps the one on an ESC.

    3. Position the heat-shrink over the mated pair, such that the battery-side connector is covered and the ESC-side plug is about half-covered.

    4. Shrink the material.

    5. When the material is cool, remove the ESC-side plug without distorting or moving the battery-side heatshrink.

    6. Apply cyanoacrylate to the battery plug heat-shrink, securing the new jacket.

    7. Use the connectors as normal; do note that the connector is slightly more difficult to grasp but if done properly, this works perfect.


    Problem solved.



  • Hey, I have just found these 2 pin connectors.

    They are dirty cheap, have gender and come prewired. They look perfect to me for low power applications!

  • Thanks LS. There are several manufacturers of "PowerPoles"...Anderson and Sermos jump to mind, but there are generics out there too,  I'm not exactly sure that PowerPoles are all that "cheap." If you're comaring them to brand-name "Deans" connectors ($3.09 a pair at TowerHobbies)  vs a bag of 20 (5 pairs) of PowerPoles at TowerHobbies ($3 a pair) then it's pretty much the same. When comparing to the  Deans knock offs out there for $1 a pair I haven't seem PowerPoles that cheap anywhere.
    This domain may be for sale!
  • @HK (your GCS rocks)

    The cool thing about Anderson PowerPoles is that they are hermaphroditic, right? But, how much are they?

    I usually prefer to use generic than propietary (as I believe PowerPoles are), because you can find very cost effective (say cheap) connectors



    Yes, you can find the same parallel harness using leads instead of the pcb version.

    However, you should always make the balancer connectors parallel too, somehow

    And remember always using same capacity, same cell count and similar discharge level for all lipo packs when parallel charging.

  • T3


    No like the Great Planes Lipo Board



    3692192427?profile=originalWith the XT-60 connectors. You can do the same think with the leads but these make for a tidy solution.





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    The winner was the 3 ohm resistor, very thin wire, & color coding.  If the test battery ever connects to the flight battery, it'll hopefully just get hot instead of explode.


  • Anderson PowerPoles. This will never happen to you again!


    JST for 10A or under. PowerPoles for everything else!


    It's impossible to connect them backwards. You don't have to solder either, you can crimp! No more shrink wrap!

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    @ I.S.

    I would agree that they are for low power ops, but he has a picture of the standard micro dean connector above, so if he needs the small connector... these ones work well.  I use them to make s plugged cable for video transmitter to cam

  • I own at least 25 batteries with those and never had a problem.  The connector is already red.  Take a sharpie and color the negative side black.  If your trying to plug two batteries together they wont line up.  If I started a blog post every time I fried something I would be on the front page daily.
  • @Brian

    They looks suitable for low pwr apps but no for battery connectors feeding the whole system.

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