DEVEL: Power distribution development


Development: New power distribution board

Some of you might already seen this board on Open-source ESC development post several days ago and some not. As many of you have been requesting and talking about new type of Power distribution board we went ahead and created first version of it. 

We would like to have your comments on it, how would you like to see it and to which way to develop?

Currently we only have 4 ESC version of it but this version is designed in way that you can easily stack them to create combinations of 3-12 ESCs while one layer has max of 4 ESCs.

It can also carry a carrier boards for external uBECs and IOBoards and OSD boards.

It supports PWM, I2C, CAN and UART ESCs 

We can also include current sensors for it if/when needed.

Bottom picture of it, exposes uBEC carrier board under main board:


We have now 10 test boards available for public use. If you want and really need one, let us know. But remember, you need to have good reason why YOU would be a good candidate for testing it. So if you just want it but don't want to really test and give feedback on it, don't bother.

You can send request via our contact page or send a PM in here to me. 

Receivers will be informed in person by email.

Technical details:

- Custom 4 layer PCB

- 70 AMP capacity

- Support all ESCs smaller than 25 x 37mm

- Fits on all Original ArduCopter frames / Holing

- Support for 2 uBECs via carrier board

- PWM, I2C, CAN, UART support

- Terminal blocks for easy cable assembly

- Stackable

Let the imagination flow...


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  • Developer

    Small update on this board. We had to take is back to drawing table as initial version did not meet our requirements fully. There will be new board coming later.

  • Hi Jani, I would be interested in an update on the power distribution board. Would love to use it on an upcoming build.

  • Jani, any update about this development?


  • I'm in the midst of graduating from several quad builds to an octo.  I'd love something like this, as it would solve several problems in one step!  Any updates?  Thanks in advance.


  • Cool, let me know as you get the new batch as i would like to order one, as a ESCs in my quad has failed so i would like to take advantage of that to do all the motoro soldering soldering once.

  • Developer

    @patricio, that should happen in about 1 month. We are currently doing renovation to our new office and that has slowed me down a bit on things but things should get back to normal in week or two. We already made minor modifications to it for next batch and prototypes will leave to selected volunteers on this week. 

  • Jani, when are you starting to sell this board?

  • I am trying to increase my technical knowledge of how it works instead of my trial and error approach currently.  I understand about 50% of the electrical principals involved and can size something that flys accordingly.  It may be overkill but I always err on the side of caution.  Using the 14.2A figure for max power on the motors I have sized my system for a 60Amp constant draw. XT60 connectors 3.5mm bullets etc. The smallest pack I use can supply 66A constant.  30c 2.2Ah 11.1v with the typical flight pack being the 4Ah 30c 11.1v packs that are good for 120A constant. So if the board is good for a 70 amp constant load then cool that will suit my usages just fine.  

  • Vernon, no insult taken.  My question of the rating derives as my 2826 1350KV motors which we all agree is on the small side has the following specs.

    Max current: 30A

    Max Power: 160W @ 11.1V (3S) / 310W @ 15V (4S)
    ESC: 20~30A
    Prop Test Data:

    8x3.8 - 11.1V / 158W / 14.2A / 0.736kg thrust
    8x3.8 - 14.8V / 310W / 21A / 1.1kg thrust

    If you take the sum wattage of all 4 of my 25amp esc's putting out full power.  At full power by my math that is 1110 watts.  (25Ax11.1v)x4esc's = 1110w at full load or 1.48Hp.  All the calculators I have used say that this is the minimum to fly a 1.5Kg quad for 6 minutes on a 2.2Ah battery pack.  

  • I think my comment was misunderstood. I was trying to imply based on the current spec of 70Amps, this should fly nearly any quad. I was attempting to educate other on simple power calculations.

    I say that because I read this question as not being logical:

    is that 70 amps total? or 70 amps per esc.

    Not trying to insult anyone, just I further expanded the thought and said "IF" is was 70 Amps per ESC, no single battery or battery terminal in common RC use could supply that energy kind of energy times 4, (280 Amps toal and at typical 3 cell voltage of 11.1 Volts 3108 watts or 4 horse power).

    I think we get caught up in bigger is better, without actually thinking about how much it really is.

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