Free Webinar: Developing code for the APM


On Monday July 16th 2012, at 5pm Pacific Time,I will be hosting a 90min webinar on Developing for the APM. 

Guests will include several members of the development team and from 3DR.

The webinar will cover some of the following topics, time permitting (we may have to split it into two webinars):

Part A

  • Setting up a development environment on Windows, Linux or Mac
  • Getting the code (download and git)
  • Compiling the code for different configurations

Part B

  • A guided tour of the code, explaining how different pieces fit together
  • From idea to running code - code, compile, test, document, create a patch and submit for review (for a bug or feature)
  • Developer support tools: autotest, autobuild, SITL, HIL, jenkins

If you would like to attend this webinar, please respond here:

(this is a courtesy RSVP so we can evaluate attendance - the meeting is open to all anyway)

If you cannot attend on this day or at this time, use the link above to tell us a better time/day for the next webinar!

TO JOIN THE WEBINAR (on the day of the webinar)

Go to:  

For audio, join by Internet or using one of the international phone numbers:

Internet: Click the telephone icon on the webinar screen (URL above)

Telephone: Click on the telephone icon to see a list of numbers. Or see the FAQ:

There are phone numbers in about 30 countries. 


To get the most value out of the webinar it is suggested that you read the wiki (especially the Appendix) and have the latest Arduino IDE (1.01) and a copy of the source code. You also must have at least a basic understanding of programming languages, but you do not need to be a programmer (this is for all levels of experience)

Comments and feedback appreciated. 

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  • Please make a second webinar. I would love to know how the MAVlink works between Mission Planner and the MAV, and your suggestion on how to go from idea to coding to debugging to implementation would be awesome.

  • Greetings Andreas. I’ve just watched the webinar#1 and liked it very much (I know I am a bit late :) ). Thank you very much for organizing this useful and helpful work. I understand that you did not organize the second one since I did not find any link for second one. If I am wrong and you did the second webinar could you please send me the “recorded video link”. I will appreciate. Regards, zafer.

  • Any plans to do another webinar like this in the near future? I missed this one, but would love to attend another one. Was this one recorded by chance?

  • I just fixed the wiki page at . Let me know if you have further problems using Eclipse for APM development.

  • Ah, ok, it builds now that I did "make configure" first. However, I still have squiggly red lines all over everything (as in Troy's comment above.)

  • Hi Andreas,

    Excellent webinar! I only just found the time to watch it now, but learned lots.

    Echoing the question of Troy and Seth, how did you get Eclipse to work properly for building?

    The wiki instructions at don't work at all, and the (completely different) instructions in README.txt don't really work either. When I try your method, from the presentation slide, I get the same results as Troy, above. I will keep trying and if I do figure it out I'll fix the wiki page and submit changes to README.txt . Seems like you may already have the answer, though!

  • Hi Andreas,

    Could you share with us about your eclipse configuration for actually successful in compiling ArduMega ?

    Thanks in advanced

  • I saw the webinar on YT.  It was awesome.  

    I'm looking forward to the SITL follow up.   Hopefully you haven't had second thoughts, it looks like a lot of work. :)

  • Hi Andreas, Thanks for setting me straight. I'll keep the Arduino IDE on windows (for now) while I try to get up to speed.  I also am looking forward to the next webinar.  I do not think we can thank you guys (and gals?) enough for this open source project and for the youtube resource on it.  Anyone who goes to the Ardupilot-Mega Downloads resource ( ) can see what an incredible amount of effort and thought went into this since Chris began the effort in 2007.  It is mind blowing to me and inspiring, when some thing has grown this big from a volunteer collaborative effort.  I do intend to flow chart the code wihin the next month or so and will make that resource available if any one, along with the links to the software used to do it, if anyone is interested.  I simply will not be able to wrap my mind around the Ardupilot Mega code until I can see how it fits together and I can't pretend to grasp it until the flow charting is complete (and I've been writing software since 1981, as aerospace engineer and project engineer for a guidance and control directorate - early UAV projects).  The webinar just gave me a booster shot to jump in, perhaps help and have a lot of fun.   

  • I have a gotowebinar account that I'd be more than happy to loan for another event.  It supports recording (however painful) but I think having the vid archived would be really awesome.

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