Display RSSI with ArduCAM OSD


Firmware and Windows Client are made from a modified version of the orginal one found here : arducam-osd


Update 30 January 2013, new version include :

  • Possibility to choose what parameter to tune with CH6


To enable this feature and display selectable parameter screen (screen 1)  :

  • motors must be disarmed
  • CH7 switch is engaged
  • Full throttle and full pitch


After you'll we see a check screen (screen 2) where you have to :

  • Put throttle in low position
  • Put pitch in middle position
  • Put CH6 in middle position

Then you can select parameter (screen 3) to tune with CH6, those parameters are :

  • NAV_KP
  • NAV_KI


  1. Move pitch stick to move between parameter list
  2. Select with full throttle a parameter to be tune with CH6
  3. Quit screen and start tuning the selected paramter with CH7 switchin off position


After tuning a paramter, go back to screen 3, and save new parameter value with yaw stick to the left.


Compiled firmware : 20130129_ArduCAM_OSD_.rssi.time.status.climb.current.tuning.mavlink1.0.hex

Firmware sources : Arducam_osd_src.zip

Update 16 August  2012, new version include :

  • Mavlink 1.0 support
  • Flying time (count when throttle is above 20%)


Compiled firmware : ArduCAM_OSD_.rssi.time.status.mavlink1.0.hex

Firmware sources : Arducam_osd_src.zip

Windows client sources : OSD_IDE.zip


Update 23 May 2012, new version include :

  • RSSI Display
  • T° display (maybe useless :) )
  • Climb rate
  • Armed / Disarmed status (with Flight Mode)
  • Speed in km/h
  • No more "Charset update"
  • Battery remaining (not tested)

"Charset update" was removed hardcoded, so to upload a new charset, you'll have to use the orginal firmware to do it and after you can use this firmware.

This new version need a new charset (MinimOSD_20.mcm) and the new client

Firmware : ArduCAM_OSD.rssi.amp.status.hex

Client : OSD_Config_RSSI_Status_Amp.exe

Charset : MinimOSD_20.mcm

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  • RSSI is working with Arducopter 2.9.0 and above, but you have to disable COPTER_LEDS (set it to DISABLED) to make RSSI read working. Also don't forget to set your RSSI (8 for exemple) pin in MP.

  • Which versions of AduCopter supports RSSI?  Looking back through the posts it looks like 2.60 worked from that point forward supported was dropped.  Hopefully I wrong and some kind person can reply with the correct facts and clarify steps needed to enable RSSI on version 2.8.1 or above?

    Many thanks, 

  • I had a problem, solved now, to read RSSI from APM2. You have to change value of COPTER_LEDS, default value is ENABLED and you have to set it to DISABLED to make RSSI read working.

  • @Sandro Benigno thank you for clarifications, now it makes sense why it works with TX connected.

  • Developer

    @Ovidiu, that isn't a problem with the firmware. Your APM isn't sending the data automatically. So, because of that you need to request data rates by a GCS or even by your OSD board. That's why it just works with TX connected. ArduPlane saves the requested rates on EEPROM (last request from a GCS or OSD). ArduCopter doesn't do that.
    Check on MPlanner on Configuration >> Parameter List:

    All the params with the prefix "SR3_" are related to this. E.g.: SR3_Extra1 = 5 means the IMU data being sent through telem port (serial 3) five times per second.

  • Much thanks also. That's great.

  • Thanks very much airmamaf

     Much appreciated!

  • Post updated, it's available now here : OSD_IDE.zip

  • Got the source compiling ok now.

    Is there also a zip file download available for the config tool source?


  • Yes, TX is connected for me. You can post a bug here for your problem : arducam-osd

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