DIY 3 Axis 360° Rotaion Brushless Gimbal


I just spotted on RCTimer's new items page a new brushless motor for gimbals - GBM5208-SR.

What's good about it is that instead of normal shaft it has a tube shaft with a 12.7mm hole, they include a Slip Ring of the same size with it, this makes it easy to rotate 360° in all axis, for most people 360° rotation on the yaw should be enough. Also, due to the big shaft/tube size, i suppose the motor should be stronger, with a shaft like this and those big bearings applying direct weight to the motor should be no problem.

I already build a 3 axis gimbal for my Canon EOS M with the 4114 motors, now it's time to start prototyping Version 2.

My plans are to make it rotate in all 3 axis using the slip rings, they have 12 wires, which is enough for my project.

Here are some details:

Pitch Axis:

IMU - 4 wires
IR Remote Switch - 3 wires
Video Out - 2 wires

- Sharing GND and 5V it will be reduced to 6 wires only.

Roll Axis:

Pitch Motor - 3 wires
IMU + IR + VID - 6 wires

- So i use 6 wires for the IMU, IR and VID, i still have 6 wires left for the pitch motor, the slip ring is rated at 2A per wire, with the 6 wires i'll connect them in pairs to the motor, which i believe should give enough power to the motor.

Yaw Axis:

- This axis will hold the Controller Board and an Sbus Decoder. I don't want to add more weight so i'll use power from Aircraft main Lipo.
- With the Sbus decoder i will only need to pass 4 wires to the aircraft, which are GND, 12V POWER, VIDEO, SBUS SIGNAL. 2 wires for Sbus and Video, which leaves 10 wires, 5 wires for GND and another 5 for 12V should be ok i think.
- Yaw Motor and Roll Motor don't need the slip ring, since their leads are in the same axis, so i just can connect them directly to the Controller Board.

I can't wait to start this project, what do you guys think? Cheers!

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  • Oh that's right... forgot about the continuous part!  lol TGIF!

  • That would probably work too but this way you can rotate 360 continuously.
  • Its cool to see brushless gimbal motors develop this way... hopefully they can do this with the smaller motors too.  But my question is... if its got a hollow shaft, why do you need the slipring?  I mean, why not just pass the wires through?

  • Hi

    Thanks a lot.


  • Great find Sergio,

    I'd be willing to bet a lot more manufacturers will be following suit.

    Surprised the Tiger-Motor people hadn't already done it.

  • You can find a ton of slip rings on eBay, among other places. Very handy devices.

  • RCTimer includes the slip ring with the motor, but if you want just the slip ring alone you can try here: they have several to choose from.

  • Hi,

    Do you known where to order Slip-ring?



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