DIY Air Data Computer Asgard


The air data computer Asgard is out. It is a unit designed for DIYers, size and weight are compatible (fixation tabs have the same dimensions of standards servo tabs) with low-cost RC applications.  Some aspects will be changed as per users feedback. Be sure to checkout the project website for detailed information on how you can build your own.

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  • A short work in progress video!
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    Free Basic Air Data custom App to interface with the air data computer is out on Google Play store.

    Air Data Bridge - Apps on Google Play
    BasicAirData Air Data Bridge is a simple app to manage the BasicAirData Air Data Computer with your Android device. Using this app you can connect wi…
  • Added ADC getting started  and updated the site.

    Hope it helps.


    Air Data Computer Getting Started
    After you assemble you Air Data Computer, it’s finally time to use it. No matter what application you are facing, the base operations are identical.…
  • @Chris,@all Tech info is essential for DIYers. In fact, we posted natives files for customization.

    Don't get me wrong, you are right the article is for the builders ("Be sure to checkout the project website for detailed information on how you can build your own"). There is no intention to sell anything nor convince to use a device nor expose theoretical aspects: ADC is a well-established device/tech. Basic Air Data site + Google can come handy for some conceptual issues.

    A decade ago a simple need generated Asgard: to what I connect my Pitot (here you find the BAD Pitot)? 

    Thank you for your feedback, we will incorporate it as soon as practically possible.

    P.S. I followed the first link the ADC page and ended up on this page

    If you want to dig deeper I advise getting in touch with other BAD participants on the forum

    Air data computer
    An air data computer (ADC) is an essential avionics component found in modern aircraft. This computer, rather than individual instruments, can determ…
  • Well I educated myself!

    The question is would Arduplane benefit from having calibrated airspeed available?
    Calibrated airspeed
    Calibrated airspeed (CAS) is indicated airspeed corrected for instrument and position error. When flying at sea level under International Standard At…
  • @Jose, I agree with @robert and @hugues, I suggest you go back and review the website.  Its not clear, it seems to have technical info but that wont get people wanting to use the item.  You need to clearly articulate what the device does and how it can be a benefit to someone.....

  • @Hugues, @robert bouwens 

    Mystery box unveiled :-)
    Speaking of Do-It-Yourself, overall ADC cost can be a useful information. On the same page where you found "overall cost," at the section "Ratings/Temperature measurement" you have some precise indication of what is measured. Some links on the same page should provide further information on ADCs.

    On the project website, there are some pages on the topic, however, maybe they are not straightforward as desirable. That aspect can be enhanced.

    I know that Basic Air Data Team is setting up right now a forums section. If you need more information, I suggest to "shout out" your questions on the forums. I guess it will take more than two lines to reply to you in a satisfactory manner :-)

  • a surprise box :)

  • MR60

    Hello, what is the functionality and objective of "Asgard data computer"? visited the project web site but aprt from a total assembly cost of 160 dollars and lots of  technical schèmes,  could not find an overview explanation of what this does.

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