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DIY Drones in the Wall Street Journal

Pretty big article, although nothing you don't already know:

"Drones get ready to fly, unseen, into everyday life"

Here's the bit that mentions, us, giving away a future T3 Competition challenge!

"The ability to share software and hardware designs on the Internet has sped drone development, said Christopher Anderson, founder of the website DIY Drones, a clearinghouse for the nearly 12,000 drone hobbyistsaround the world.

A coming DIY Drone competition will challenge members to walk a mile with a drone following from above. The goal is to make a drone that can stabilize itself and track its target. Given the rapid evolution of technology, Mr. Anderson said, "that's now a technically trivial task.""

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  • If I may venture into contemplating about DIY Drones' success at 12,000 and counting:

    In large part, what makes America great is the diversity and individuality of its people, regardless where they came from. They all are able to contribute (perfectly or imperfectly..based on their abilities) their unique pieces into the giant and powerful puzzle what makes America what it is.

    DIY Drones with the help of the Internet and a culture of open collaboration, tolerance, and mentorship was able to extend the exciting and rewarding option of participation and ownership of this puzzle to the rest of the world.
  • @Paul
    I believe the pictures are just black and white. Also, the placement of the yellow boxes would suggest a description of the pictures, however the boxes don't describe the plane in either picture.
  • T3
    100% agree, politicians got their business niches as well as engineers do. One uses C++, another talks about privacy. You can pick any technology, multiply by 10.000 and get an impression of uncomfortable reality.
    The best story is about predicted thickness of horse's s...t (1meter or so?) in Paris for 1920 if the traffic continues to grow. Something happened and they switched to voitures.
  • T3
    My point is that for T3 3 things have diverged:
    -ability to participate of a critical mass
    -trophy vs raw cash investment
    -goal vs reality
  • Privacy issues could emerge if such drones become common. While the military has rules of engagement governing drone use, there is no similar set of rules to protect privacy for domestic use of drones.

    "If everybody had enough money to buy one of these things, we could all be wandering around with little networks of vehicles flying over our heads spying on us," Ms. Cummings said. "It really opens up a whole new Pandora's Box of: What does it mean to have privacy?"

    12K Drones in the sky??? Well, then they are still by far outnumbered by the number of surveilance cameras in an average small city.
  • Minor point, but it makes you question what you see and read when you know nothing of the topic. That's a Reaper in the graphic, not a Predator, and it's in Coast Guard livery. Don't think the Coast Guard fires Hellfires (at least not yet). Nit-picking, I know. :)
  • Developer
    That one is lost on me Krz. Just sour grapes on T3?
  • T3
    "A coming DIY Drone competition will challenge members to walk a mile with a drone following from above. "
    Main trophy will be TTL voltage converter ;-)
  • Yey were in the wallstreet journal hopfuly we will get more members from this pubblisedy
    and we will go from +1k members avery seven weeks to +1k members every 6 weeks
  • Developer
    Hey Chris,

    There was something we did not know - a hint about the next T3 competition. When will it be announced?
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