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Okay, that didn't work quite the way we planned. The site redesign, which we did with Ning, has got some glitches and fugly stuff. I know. Stay tuned while we sort it out. Sorry. These things happen.


UPDATE: I think we've sorted most of the gremlins out now. I'm still not in love with some of the fonts, but at least it's functional and arguably better than what we had before now.

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  • Developer
    For me it seems to be a lot heavier to download and also there seems to be something wrong with dropdown menus, cannot see any background on them. Text just appear on top of other graphics.  Using mozilla 3.5.16 on mac.
  • Looks like my printer when it runs out of ink!
  • felt a bump just there!  nice, but a darker background would be even better
  • any thoughts for a mobile-friendly site?
  • Not crazy about it.  First impression, though.  Will stay tuned.
  • Looks nice,

    Some problems in the css when hover the menu elements and some padings here and there evrething else is Grate .




  • Light and airy with a friendly atmosphere although the Title font is a little sticky for my likes
  • The design seems lighter and more 2.0ey(if that is actually something real).


    At least you didn't do something as horrible as the abortion that is gizmodo's redesign. 

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