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Okay, that didn't work quite the way we planned. The site redesign, which we did with Ning, has got some glitches and fugly stuff. I know. Stay tuned while we sort it out. Sorry. These things happen.


UPDATE: I think we've sorted most of the gremlins out now. I'm still not in love with some of the fonts, but at least it's functional and arguably better than what we had before now.

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  • mq-9 tail points up mq-1 tail points down.


    so yeah

  • isnt it the MQ-9 not the MQ-1 :P
  • "Follow- Email me" is written twice on the bottum of this page (one right and one left)
  • I really dislike the font of the news titles. Why use a serif font while every other fonts don't have serif?


    Except this detail, I like the other changes.

  • Personally think the new, monochrome look sweeping all the world's websites is horrible.  Giving all the text, backgrounds, & widgets exactly the same background color makes it really hard to find anything except for maybe 1 story the designer wants you to see, but it probably makes more sense if you're used to iPhones.



  • blimpduino's too slow, didn't make it to the front page  :P
  • Soo bright! I think im getting a tan (Jk, the effort for the redesign is appreciated)
  • I also noticed that the Blimpduino is been eliminated from the menu, maybe it should have a place (ex on Other Ap tab)
  • It needs some work on the css but It is an improvement. I also notice the return of the MQ-1 :P
  • Looks like it will turn out good, although I have to agree with Ritchie, the blog title text is a little too crazy.
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