DIY Go Pro Flat Lens - updated underwater result


Go pro is very popular among the FPV pilot or UAVS builder, but not everyone like the fish eye extreme wide lense. Some people choose to buy an extra housing while other replace the standard lense with gopro flat lense. Based on our experince If you want a flat lense on Go Pro, no need to buy extra housing or a new lense... just crush your go Pro in to wall... !!!. 


Few days a go our plane crash while testing auto pilot, the plane hit a stadium wall quite hard.. and unfortunately we put our GoPro on the front of the plane. The camera (without) housing hit the wall directly and the lens crack. This is what the lens look like after...





What suprise us.... the Gopro lense consist of few layer. It seems that each layer magnify the image and made it wider. In our case the lense is broken except the last layer... and after removing the broken layer we found that the last layer is a flat lense... and its working. 



Here the image of the lens.... (the monitor is white and black), yes its flat... and more narrow angle.. 



 Corius... we do some experiment, we replace the lens with used pocket camera lens.. and it works... !!



the image is good, but since the material is plastic its not sharp... i think if we use high quality glass lens the result will be great.... I'm curious if go pro also work with SLR lenses :D


* Dont throw away your old broken camera... the lens might be useful

* If you broke your gopro lens check again... does it broken to the bottom or just the first layer

* if you want flat and narrow image... no need to buy a new lens.. just hit your plane to the wall like we did :D


 the modified lens work great underwater, just turn to get fix focus (the focus is diffrent betwen up and underwater) *thx to mas thoha


writer : oejang, amateur pilot
the tech guy : masthoha

the camera and lense are property of capung. 

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  • nice job...

    Mas Thoha makin hebat aja..hehehe

  • yeah... Oejang aja and me replaced the gopro lens with unused cct camera and work fine

  • update : we replace all the lense with cheap CCTV lens, and its fit.... and got sharp image. --> this is better solution i think  if you have not broke your lens, you can get cheap cctv or fpv camera for few dollar  :) 




  • Thanks Guy for the Tip :) i will remove the others layers :)

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