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***Their is also a Diydroneslive Chat group I made on Skype so we can mass communicate and assist each other as a community***

I'm providing anyone that need's assistance with anything related issues, concerns, or questions with 24/7 Live or IM Assistance via Skype.  Add me on Skype if you would like Live Assistance or just want to have a great conversation about drones, robotics, uavs, etc.

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    Like David is saying, be careful...  I support all my customers (around 500 of them) on a daily basis, granted not all of them needs help at the same time (lucky me!)  but there is a fine line where you can only point people in the right direction (Wiki) as opposed to really explain every steps.   My recommendation is that you ask Chris to grand you edit rights on the wiki and as you see the question for support coming you edit it and make it better. 

    Otherwise you will end up explaining again and again motor rotation, motor order and props .... :) (most frequent error/troubleshooting call... people just don't read that much... basic video would be the best but things changes a bit too often and it could become a maintenance nightmare) 

    So basic help, assistance, guidance is what you should aim to supply.  Believe me everyone things they have a unique issue that no one else got before and that they have bad hardware.   Since the APM 2.5 board I did not get a single RMA on them.  This is a sign that it's a mature board/hardware and that the software is also up there.  Still just like when we reached that stability on APM 1.4 the major issue is the lack or organization and latest details in the Wiki.   If you have time (looks like it) and you like to contribute get on the Wiki and rejuvenate it. 

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    It's a great idea Josh, but geez man, look after your health!  24/7 for one person is quite a task.  Maybe more of a follow the sun technique might be better?  There might be others that are welling to help!

  • This is running really smoothly and is needed it seems.

    I was able to assist 6 people tonight.  I missed many others though because of an unexpected call into work.

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