DIYdrones Store is Now Open!

Today is a great day! finally we had setup the little e-commerce and stocked it with a few products. Be advised! The page still have some little bugs!After making a payment, paypal will return you to the preview store page, don't worry about that, at that point you order has been sent.And the Store URL is................... this:http://store.diydrones.comHaa! I need to sleep now, was an unsigned long long day; Feel free of buy everything you need. ;-) More products coming soon!Good Night!
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    And, NO I do not work for them or anyway connected...

    I just like the little suckers!
  • Moderator

    They are really handy.
    Slide them on the piece and a quick touch of the iron and wow..a really clean solder job.

    I used them on three Ardupilot boards and a couple other projects.
  • Developer
    Dian, now i ship Indonesia, try again please.
  • @Jordi, I would like to buy ardushield, do you ship to indonesia? I don't see indonesia on your shipping country list...

  • Yay :) my order was picked up for shipping today :D
  • I was trying to order, but the cheapest shipping is over $20! That just can't be correct. I'll wait until tomorrow and see if it's corrected by then.

  • @Jordi, is the code for the speed shield integrated into ArduPilot 2.2?
  • Developer
    I just made 20 units more!!! And the version without sensor is now available (only 10):

    All your suggestions are very welcome! I have servo extensions! I choose extensions because if you cut them they will become female in one side and male in the other, ideally to connect it to ardupilot board. They will cost 1.25 dll each!!!!

    I also have pressure sensors breakout boards (filtered), super small. With and without sensor so you can plug it so any system. And the FMA special cables for ardushield are on it way!!
    All this will be posted tomorrow.

    If you need something else just tell me please! This is the official community store!
  • with the first item i get $11.74 USPS shipping when i add a second item it drops to $7.45 but when i add the third item it suddenly jumps the shipping up to $20 + USPS very strange
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