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Hex Kickstarter Project

- 3D Robotics RTF MultiCopter Iris -

Iris Teaser Video

Iris details: #1 The 4-1 ESC/Power Module

Iris Details: #2 Injection molded arms and Legs

Iris Details: #3 The camera attachment

Iris Details: #4 Android Apps Overview

Overview of PX4 and Pixhawk Board Series

3D Robotics Pixhawk -

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  • Awesome Александр we could for sure use your help!

  • Is ready to help with rollers and to do the version for Russia

  • @Hex, Congrats on going up $10,000 in funding over the last 24 hours! :)

  • @Hex, Cheers!  The Drone Age is so exciting and fun!

  • @Eagle,  Thanks so much for the information!  I downloaded the free trial and absolutely love the functionality of Sony Vegas Studio Platinum.  Any suggestions on a camera?!

  • Cheers, Josh! The Drone Age is definitely here now. :)

  • Thanks a bunch Mike!,

    I'll take a look at the Google Chrome Add on's first but if I don't like it I'll for sure have to try out Snag It.  Does Snag It cause any lag while recording videos?

  • Screen capture: I have had good success with Snag It. Sports a good editor for post processing and enhancing with graphical elements, can record oversize screens, scrolling screens, can even record videos.... Price is ok.

    If you are looking for freeware, check the google chrome add on's

  • Wow!! The Hex project has already gone up almost $5,000 over the last 6-7 hours from the time that I created and posted this blog/video until now!

  • Also does anyone know of any reliable screen capture programs so I can create guides and videos on how to use all different kinds of CAD Programs to share with the DiyDrones Community.  I'm looking for a Screen Capture program that won't use a lot of RAM considering my CAD Programs take up the majority of my Laptops RAM.

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