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I don't want to like DJI for the same reason I don't want to like Apple - I like open systems that can be tinkered with and that a community can work on together to improve in the long term.  But I'm more and more impressed with what they come up with and how they package it.

With all the recent changes between 3dr and APM, can either or both projects regroup to take them on and provide a compelling price/performance alternative?  The solo is great but was too expensive to compete directly against the phantom 3, perhaps this more expensive phantom might actually be a good thing for the solo?  Has DJI already won the consumer market for good?

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  • Two points - first, I think many are confusing the issue - "consumer" quads was the subject. You could take a poll of all potential quad buyers and I think almost none would have heard of anything other than DJI and Parrot. Android is a consumer product, while much of the stuff here is not (that's why it's called DIYdrones!).

    You cannot make comparisons to any other market - it really does not fit. It may in the future, but not now. If you were to make one it would be like BestBuy vs. Radioshack.

    Bil, as to the Model T - you made the perfect point. Do you know how much less than T sold for than other cars at the time? Do you know how Mr. Ford actually lowered the price if the cost of coal, steel, etc. would go down?That is basically a good comparison to DJI IMHO. They are the Ford of consumer drones. Even the model T only got 40% market share - DJI has double that in the consumer market. 

    On the other hand, most of the other drone companies have similarities to the 1000+ car makers that existed in the USA at the time Ford started. They were part of the bubble who each thought their car was going to be in the race (so to speak).

    "There were over 1,800 automobile manufacturers in the United States from 1896 to 1930. Very few survived and only a few new ones were started after that period."

    The difference with drones is that the current market is vastly smaller than that of cars...and it's likely to stay that way for a long time. I doubt many companies are going to spend 100's of millions in R&D and manufacturing to give you a purple or red one. A decal or paint job is going to have to do the trick.

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    Also - when it is all said and done - if DJI can manufacture as many or more of that particular type of mass produced model as the market desires, what would be the reasoning behind another company or group trying to duplicate that?

    Choice. We all don't want a Black Model-T. Competition drives Innovation, there cannot be only one. I'm sure there are many books on that already! ;-)

  • maybe Yuneec/Parrot = Samsung ?

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    A key part of the DJI announcement is that Apple's stores are now selling the Phantom 4.
    That is a huge competitive win for DJI who now have access to both their brand and a world wide sales channel. Apple and DJI are now strategic partners. Has Apple already invested in DJI ? (It has not been announced)  Frank Wang has the talent and drive of a young Steve Jobs.

  • Good hardware and software integration is the key to success. That's the reason Apple's products have such a wonderful user experience. You can't make a good product by just bundling open source software with generic hardware.

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    A stable, well documented specification of the Ardupilot flight API's would be nice to compare with the DJI SDK. (If it exists, my apologies and a link would be great) To those saying use the source... I have, but the API's have changed dramatically over the last year with no warning. It makes developing for Ardupilot flight code frustratingly slow. 



  • I think the OpenSource community will endure:

    • APM / Pixhawk / PX4 platforms continue to be cheaper than DJI FCs.
    • Grassroots innovators traditionally pick practicality over packaging.
    • DJI will always win the race on the consumer front, they simply have way more money to throw at problems.
    • I think it's important for the community to distinguish itself from the consumer stuff. Consumers want to take great video / stills & do it easily. Innovators want to improve or change things and that is why DIY Drones and other communities will continue to flourish.
    • We don't have to take on DJI and win - look at what happened to Nokia / Blackberry with the release of Android! Closed source hardware has it's perks - but it's a matter of time before the wave catches up with it.

    My two cents!

  • im here with the Arduino and multiwii.. but they been working just fine.

  • If DJI = Apple,

    3DR = Android.

    SOLO = NEXUS ,


    ? = Google AdSense

    ? = Samsung

    ? = LG



  • 3DR create socienty and make entusiasts, DJI create business and make profit. Both are respectful.
    "Jedem das Seine" =)

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