DJI have released a detect sense and avoid system with their Guidance unit and a new quad in the Matrice 100

Nothing too earth shattering about them. The new developers and ideas that might flow in DJI’s direction is interesting though.

Not quite so many DJI systems are being used by universities and research institutions as other open source projects. By their very nature open source autopilots can be fiddled with and changed to suit whatever is being researched. That code is fed back into the eco system and the open source autopilots gets cleverer.

A rising tide lifts all ships.

DJI need a hand keeping up.

Video :

Credits to Gary Mortimer from SuasNews :

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  • @Pedals2Paddles

    Hah, looks like you got me:) My point is: Some people were hating on the said company without giving any reasons. Therefore hurting the company without showing the why. 

    Best regards

    D M Earl ll

  • Well if someone comes here touting a product and soliciting comments, should we only provide compliments?

  • @John Arne Birkeland @Jerry Giant.

    Agreed, DJI doesn't seem like the best company. I don't care if you don't respect them. I just don't think DIY Drones website is made to attack other businesses. But your choice is your choice.

    Best regards

    D M Earl ll

  • i don't think DJI has real intention of promoting new technology but rather strategically maintain its market share. They gonna be a M$ in drone for some day or maybe it's already is. but the fruit version of drone company will never be DJI, these guys has no integrity, as a Chinese customer, it is my opinion.

  • Developer


    I see what you are saying, but as a previously burned DJI user I have a hard time respecting them.

    Having payed top dollar for a fully rigged S800 with Z-15 gimbal and the works, and watching that train wreck and how DJI 'dealt' with it from first row, I am for all intense and purpose done with DJI. And definitively not willing to just forgive and forget whenever they release a new shiny product..

  • The only universe I could ever picture myself using one of these is one where I was given all of the equipment for free - like some universities would be. But then again I'd probably still just pay for fully open source gear just to avoid the heartache i imagine id get in using a closed source system like this on
  • Interesting seeing a leap motion leaper being used for the 1st time in 5 years.  Still not nearly as useful as the fitness startup 3 stories above them.

  • Interesting that they are advertising the quick lock props as a 'feature' on the Matrice. They released these as an upgrade for the Inspire recently and I've received a message from my vendor saying don't use them. Fortunately for me I took one look at the new system and decided there was no way that they would be more secure than the screw on props so I never did the upgrade. When you see them first hand I'm sure you will agree.

  • I'm not a fan of DJI, not at all, but they do do some things right. They've innovated in areas like self locking props (the number of times I've seen a 3DR quadcopter with those smooth interface collet prop adapters suddenly loose a prop, sheesh)...  and modular batteries/battery bays... these are no brainers, they vastly improve the experience and safety.

    The inclusion of all round (missing overhead for some strange reason) ultrasonic and optical sense and avoid package is another area that has been sorely lacking from the drone scene (there was a lot of promise around vision integration from the ETH PX4 space... I've still got two PX4Flows sitting on the shell) but in the end, I think it's making these features a standard that will eventually goad 3DR et al into introducing and really making great use of these features on their developer oriented packages.

    It's an area I'm rooting for 3DR to lead in.

    Time to get serious with APM sensor integration for environment sensing and response?

  • Moderator

    At the moment the best companion that i'm using with better price/performance is RPI 2 . With this quad core arm processor is possible to do a lot of great application . The only limit is internal GPU that is not so good for Opengl and h.264 encoder and decoder but at this price is great solution for improve the functionality of our drone technology. 

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