Dji is the best multirotor system out there for the price it lives up to the hype. I bought a f330 pre built arf kit used save about a 100.00. I bought a 20c 3s 4000 Economyrc lipo battery flying time about 20 mins. I gotta say I was amazed how stable ,responsive and fast I was able to fly. I took it up about a 100 feet just to hover. it's simple to build the most difficult thing to do is using the software and transmitter setting for first time users but one accomplish that buyer will very happy with the end result. I just order the f450 and the x468 landing and gimble at 129.00 ship made for naza quads here is the link http://www.x468.com/

These things are hard to come by used because so many people are very please with them and when they are so sold used it not at a big saving that why I just bought the f450 with naza fc new. Man I gotta say I love what the folks at Dji have done I hope they keep up the good work because they made a believer out of me

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  • It's been a while but I"m back and like I predicted Dji is now the most used quadcopter/drone system for home consumers and no disrespect to the other system out there but Dji is the best bang for your buck. Now that they have introduce the Naza M system and the Dji Phantom Vision 2 very east to fly rock solid system via gps, wifi, fpv for about 1200 dollars shipped and next year the price will fall. If you go to any online rc club like rcgroups.com the Dji system or drone are always the easiest to resell. Heed my word buy Dji first before you waste your money on anything else 

  • Thanks a lot guys... that was of great help and confidence building....

    and yes... never thought of that.. first climb up high and then hit RTH... she will clear all tall buildings and trees... 

    many thanks


    ramesh tahlan

  • yes but you need at least 7 channel and read the rcgroups naza fc in reference to naza gps. what i understand is you have the option to set return home and fail safe but you need a radio at least 7or 8ch radio

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    Ramesh I sell these kits, the number one user of the NAZA GPS is the "FPV" guy looking to get out of danger when it all goes a little sideways, I have had only great reports on the systems from DJI. The only issue would be high tree or tall buildings as the system has know way of knowing that it will fly into one of these objects, but no controller has this tech just yet! I would say that to stop you flight when you have lost your place, climb up nice and high and flick it in to RTL, this way I would hope you would miss all the "trees" etc on the return home, or just keep looking out in the FPV gear, take over if there is an issue.





  • Charles John...

    so is that a yes that i can without fear use Fail Safe switch for Return to Home and Land... RIGHT ???

  • yes, use fpv goggles or station go to dji website and take a look or rcgroups blog

  • Can someone please confirm, i have NAZA with GPS...

    Can  i use the Fail Safe switch to always recover the multicopter to Return to Home and Land... cause i have to fly large distance for aerial photography... and always get disoriented..... 

    Is there any danger or draw back in using Fail Safe for RTH..... 

  • for anyone interested here the link for the gps http://www.dji-innovations.com/

  • here is link to video it is still uploading http://youtu.be/lVLyJwcCMwE the video is shaky but it was shot in 18mph wind gust. Dji has came out with a gps for the naza fc :) mine should be here next week. Keep up the good work Dji

  • Ha, ha.  Forgot to mention I got a couple of 1.5A 25C batteries from RCtimer a couple of weeks ago.  Running them in parallel effectively turned them into 50C batteries and avoided the battery drain warnings.  So, I've been testing for a couple of weeks, and having the issue with the throttle control.  I thought it was still the batteries giving me problems, but when I got my 5A 35C battery from HK yesterday, and still had the problem, I knew it was not batteries that was causing the problem, and had to do with my drone.  That's what eventually lead me to think that I needed to re-calibrate the escs. (long story short)

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