Dji is the best multirotor system out there for the price it lives up to the hype. I bought a f330 pre built arf kit used save about a 100.00. I bought a 20c 3s 4000 Economyrc lipo battery flying time about 20 mins. I gotta say I was amazed how stable ,responsive and fast I was able to fly. I took it up about a 100 feet just to hover. it's simple to build the most difficult thing to do is using the software and transmitter setting for first time users but one accomplish that buyer will very happy with the end result. I just order the f450 and the x468 landing and gimble at 129.00 ship made for naza quads here is the link http://www.x468.com/

These things are hard to come by used because so many people are very please with them and when they are so sold used it not at a big saving that why I just bought the f450 with naza fc new. Man I gotta say I love what the folks at Dji have done I hope they keep up the good work because they made a believer out of me

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  • Yes, actually, I am skilled enough to fly it in manual mode.  The throttle responds to my stick movements, much more positively.  It just won't fly in Attitude mode, with any kind of stability, and my throttle response is very bad.  Originally I just used all the default values with no tuning.  The tuning is very strange to me.  Like I mentioned above it doesn't take off unless I have the elevation tuning knob to max.

  • Ok, for the best multirotor controller ever, I am having problems getting my hexcopter flying stably.
    I got DJI 550 hexaframe with 930kv motors, 30A escs. tried both 8" and 10" props. I have no luck getting any stable hover out of it. 

    The symptoms are:
    1- After going past half throttle, the thing just surges up. The throttle stick has practically no control over elevation. It's either surging up or barely gets off the ground.
    2- Once in the air, I have practically no control.

    Here's some capture of my setup screens:




    As you can see, I've set my X1 to tune attitude, and X2 to tune the vertical.  The thing doesn't even lift off until I switch X2 to max.  I know it's not that my motors are too weak or my battery can't handle it, since I just put a brand new 3s 5000mah, 35c-70c battery on it.  I now think I need to put my APM1 on this thing just to convince myself that it's not a problem with the craft.

    So, anyone have any clues or ideas?

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    Hello Hell,


    Long time no chat, how are you?


    The flights for the Naza are solid, and I will say this as I have flown a number of them now, so if this an ad or not there is no lies in the nature of how well these controllers work!


    The DJI Naza is the little brother to the DJI Wookong WKM, the Naza is more a fun flight unit while the WKM is more for the Pro users lifting cameras etc for paid work. The new DJI GPS Naza is only a little way down the line too :)


    Both are flight controllers and not RC systems, so they link up just like an ArduPilot will!







  • For those who are looking for their second multirotor. ;)

  • oh and video coming :)

  •  for those whose are looking for there second mutirotor ship moving up from beginner please check this video out


  • In the title of the post it should read "for its price". Now it reads "for it is price", or "it has", whichever makes less sense.

    Can you expand upon the DJI controllers or are they black boxes with only the basic RC controls and outputs for the motors? I'm completely unfamiliar with them.

  • I also have a NAZA and verify it's performance. I've also had KK, Quadrino, MultiwII, Korean KK, MK v2.0 and last but not least the Arducopter hardware. The NAZA out performed all the others for stability out of the box with virtually no tuning. This was the first FC that flew well stable the first flight. Are there some short commings? Yes, but for for a simple stable FC it heads and shoulders above the rest. 

  • I stand by what I believe if you are enjoy flying without frustration of systems that don't live up to the hype please  buy a dji naza f330,450 or 550 you will not be disappointed. To those who sound very upset please request a  system in the same price range and is as stable as the naza and with the flyiing quality or close. Once you get pass the software setup with your transmitter you will say to yourself man was that worth it

  • I do believe it is :)

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