Dji is the best multirotor system out there for the price it lives up to the hype. I bought a f330 pre built arf kit used save about a 100.00. I bought a 20c 3s 4000 Economyrc lipo battery flying time about 20 mins. I gotta say I was amazed how stable ,responsive and fast I was able to fly. I took it up about a 100 feet just to hover. it's simple to build the most difficult thing to do is using the software and transmitter setting for first time users but one accomplish that buyer will very happy with the end result. I just order the f450 and the x468 landing and gimble at 129.00 ship made for naza quads here is the link http://www.x468.com/

These things are hard to come by used because so many people are very please with them and when they are so sold used it not at a big saving that why I just bought the f450 with naza fc new. Man I gotta say I love what the folks at Dji have done I hope they keep up the good work because they made a believer out of me

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  • Jason, are you implying I'm biased?  Did I not just post a video of someone flying the heck out of an AeroQuad controlled quad just nary a couple of days ago?  Now I own a DJI Naza?  I just call it  as I see it, good, bad and the ugly.  Who knows, maybe after a little flying, I'll get used to the Naza behaviour. We shall see. ;-)

  • Medical research has proven that there's no such thing as too much sleeping. ;-)

    Anyways, if the weather holds up, I'll go out for a fly, and post some video, if I can get some good flights.  If I get enough flight time, I might just start a review blog.  But, I'm telling you now, I don't like this "vario" stuff a bit and I'm not too impressed with the flyability with slightly uncalibrated ESCs.

  • Ok, I re-calibrated all my ESC individually, and just managed to get a pretty decent hover out of the Naza.  It's very different from the AC, though.  It really doesn't want to hover until after at least half throttle, then it seems to just revs up the props and does a pretty decent alt hold.  It's just not very sensitive to throttle changes.  Very strange behaviour, but I guess I will have to tune it to my liking.  I'm used to having more control over flying characteristics.

  • I have two DJI's Full systems with multi-waypoints.

    Here is the support info:

    6/F, HKUST SZ IER Building, No.9, Yuexing 1st Rd.,
    South District, Hi-Tech Park, Shenzhen, 518057, Guangdong, China
    Tel +86-755-26656677 Sales ext 201、202、203
    Fax +86-755-83067370
    Service hotline +86-755-22673777
    Sales sales@dji-innovations.com
    Others info@dji-innovations.com

    They speak english better than a McDonald's drive thru.


  • Well, my product is not working, as promised.  I've contacted the suppler, so maybe I'll try out DJI too.  Do you have a phone number?  Maybe I can get someone who speaks good English, or Cantonese. ;-)

    The phone number on the web site is not toll free.  I shudder to call China, on my own dime to solve a problem for a $230 controller.  Might make sense for the Wookong, but not the Naza.

    My problem may be due to ESC calibration, since I'm not using DJI ESCs.  Will try that next, and see if things improve.

  • I have two DJI Wookong WK-M units with multi-waypoints and they all fly great.  I have had some technical questions early on when I purchased my first system.  I called DJI directly and got a tech on the line who spoke english better than the drive up at McDonalds. They are polite, patient and knowledgeable.  Remember the time zone differences.

    I also have several DIY units and have become frustrated with the current level of functionality and the loss of functionality from release to release.  The difference between DIY and DJI is the former is an experiment and the latter is a product.


    Good luck.

  • Looking at RCG now.  The thread is big, but not everyone seems to have "trouble free" flying with Naza.  My radio is the same one I fly Arducopter with.  No expos, plane mode.  Multi-check all prop directions.  Like I mentioned, I can "fly" it in Manual mode.  Everything moves in the correct direction.  It just doesn't keep altitude well.  I would like to know where the vent hole for that barometer is.  Maybe it's time to open her up.

  • Yup, I don't get it myself.  I consider myself relatively experienced, but I can't figure this out.  I'm surprised that others have no problems getting this thing flying so easily.  Maybe my Naza is defective.  Who is there to call to figure out what the problem is.

  • Well, not sure where the vent holes are.  But, here's a picture of how it's mounted.  I used the foam tape they provided, and put a piece on the bottom of the box, and mounted inside the 550 frame.  The motor connectors are facing the front, so should not be an orientation issue.


  • I've re-calibrated multiple times, and I'm worried about fly aways, since the throttle is so unresponsive. It's either climbing like crazy or not getting off the ground.  The thing about using the 8" props is that they don't seem to be enough.  With them on, the thing barely gets a few inches off the ground at max throttle.  I thought this thing was supposed to be easy to configure and fly.  I'm pretty experienced, but not having much luck.  There's almost no documentation, and I really don't know what any of the functions really do.

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