Please forgive me sending this Chinese letter to this English community, i'll try to explain what's up, maybe worth a laugh.

sb-dji.com, a website was online maybe not no more than a year, posting(repost) "daily" dji products fails in Chinese drone/RC online communities. The owner of the website did not stated his motivation of setting up this website, but i believe he was a very frustrated DJI customer, as the letter stated "had dispute in customer service".

Today in his  new "daily" post, other than a smashed Phantom or crashing Inspire 1, it's a laywer‘s letter send to the Internet domain name register office whom provided the sb-dji.com's domain name, stating sb-dji.com web site contents  has Reputation infringement to DJI company, and requesting "assistance from the domain service office to shutdown this website in 5 days"

Alright, all the flying alway phantoms ... you will rest in peace.


P.S. sb literally means retarded in chinese (pinyin initials)


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  • A C&D is usually the first step in legal action. You don't just take someone to court without a C&D first.  Also, I find it highly ironic that anyone in China is complaining about infringement.

  • Pfff ... It's very low level fraud resource, no need to court.
    But very interesting who pay for his dirty job =)

  • I'm curious why the law firm chose this route rather than through the courts. Perhaps they don't really have a case of which they're confident in prevailing in court? I about similar tactics recently employed by law firms representing pharmaceutical companies. Please keep us updated on this.

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