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  • Please don't judge us based on the first of 3 segments in a "Reality" TV show. We flew this year 6 days a week for 7 months straight. To answer a few questions, yes it was a DJI s800, yes it was a locked out flyaway which was warrantied to DJIs credit, yes we now fly a Freefly Cinestar HL with MOVI gimbal (X2) because it is an infinitely superior machine, and yes the FAA has outdated nonsensical laws that they are in the process of rewriting. remember guys we are talking about "reality TV" here, take everything with a grain of salt, watch our demo then make your own judgements over there. - Patrick Weir, Gold Rush RC Helicam Pilot

  • Already have I am a freefly flier now 
    Won't use dji again they were suppose to sponsor us with all the publicity they received they should have . They are more concerned with selling phantoms than supporting guys like me out there doing the work and the support.... shit.

    Live and learn love my cinestar/movi craft the best.

  • @Bill, this one wasn't low battery.  This is an EPIC flyaway!

  • Hi Simon, I can understand GPS problems this far north, any cover to the south and your in trouble.

    I was in this crash also wondering about multipath or distortion from the big piece of iron mining equipment that was coming in.

    Was it close enough to affect you when control was lost?

    With Ublox Neo7P there is the possibility of getting both GPS and GLONASS satellites and of forming GPS fix from best group. (Since the Russians clearly rely on more northerly positions than North America (the rest of it anyway) this might work a lot to your favor.

    Farmers in the US are already using this for their tractors to good benefit.

    Going to have to part with

    DJI though.

  • It seems to me that if this started as a GPS glitch it must have finished with manual pilot error or some further electro-mechanical diarrhea. I can understand a simple GPS glitch resulting in the aircraft flying into the side of something, or simply zooming away, but why would it ever result in a wingover into the ground?

  • no they don't in Canada you need a SFOC permit easy to get in Alaska we flew for demo purposes did not get paid for the aerial footage got paid as a camera operator which we did everyday when not flying.Guyana they don't care.

  • I don't think the FAA has any jurisdiction in Canada :)

  • Moderator

    How did you get around FAA requirements Simon?

  • Developer

    GPS glitch or not, It's still incredibly poor behavior by DJI's firmware. I know for a fact that a GPS glitch would not affect altitude hold on AC and would not affect the ability to enter manual mode. It seems the Glitch or other error causes knock on effects in the firmware that breaks other control loops making the switch to manual impossible.

    I don't think the dramatization is too much. An out of control copter with 6S Batteries and carbon fiber props will hurt someone badly if it lands on them. DJI really needs to fix this. We're all in this together.

  • It was a GPS glitch I had finished shooting was landing, was about 1 foot off the ground and the craft shot off like a rocket. I was locked out flipped to manual and still had no control. In the Yukon the satelites are low on the horizon

    they come and go. After that crash I fixed the Hex and now only fly in ATT mode. Since then I have flown for Gold Rush 6 days a week for 7 months and have not had any other problems. 

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