DJI style case for 3DR Gps Modules


New to the ArduCopter world, so here goes.. finished my first hex build a few weeks ago, so have been working on a few cosmetic upgrades.. It's a bit silly but I like the little puck gps modules that DJI has, so decided to make and share a similar design of my own with everyone..

If you have a 3d printer grab the files from the link below, you can also use a service such as shapeways to print the parts needed, and if there is enough demand I could possibly kit up some units with all the pieces.

The Parts

The Assembly Guide

enjoy, more parts coming soon... 


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  • Mine have both, GPS & compass 12cm away over ESC's 3692573826?profile=original

  • Also if you have a transmit-capable Rx IME (e.g. FrSky), very important to keep GPS unit away from that. So I would assume you'd want to do the same for any other on-board 2.4MHz transmitter, and maybe some other freqs too.

    The copper "shielding" is virtually useless for doing that in this instance because it's not fully enclosing, distance is what helps minimize RF interference to GPS here. The copper is excellent as a groundplane though, but this groundplane should not be randomly sized if you hope to dramatically improve GPS performance. And it does make a huge diff with the cheapie MTK GPS.

  • Doug, thanks for the link, that's awesome!  I was just thinking about that last night as I was also looking at CNC routers.  They are so similar, it just makes sense.

  • Robert L - if you are not in a hurry and want to kill two birds with one stone (CNC router and 3D print)...

    THIS fellow has CNC plans and is developing a print head to install in place of a router. One machine, two (additive and subtractive) processes. No ETA on the print head yet. I am currently cutting metal for the main machine.


    chtop DIY router plans | R&D
    Momus CNC provides plans and documentation to construct a DIY desktop manufacturing equipment such as our fully enclosed precision 3 axis router
  • This is my version:


  • Developer

    @Jose Augusto: Yep.You got it! That's the deal.

  • Developer

    @Andy: this is what I was asking about (though this guy did it outside the enclosure).
    It was done by using cooper tape.
    3692570951?profile=original3692571020?profile=original3692571089?profile=originalThat pictures was taken from here:

    Other ideas by using cooper tape:

  • @R_Lefebvre It was bought in '10 from a friend who had it sitting there so I took over. It's one of the first batch with Mk5 extruder, 1280 etc but still works wonders for me :) Have you checked used prices ?

    @Andy Thanks once more!

  • Here's the LED Status holder!


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