DJI to release mandatory firmware update


DJI will release a mandatory firmware update for the Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision, and Phantom 2 Vision+ to help users comply with the FAA’s Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) 0/8326, which restricts unmanned flight around the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

The updated firmware (V3.10) will be released in coming days and adds a No-Fly Zone centered on downtown Washington,

The restriction is part of a planned extension of DJI’s No Fly Zone system that prohibits flight near airports and other locations where flight is restricted by local authorities. These extended no fly zones will include over 10,000 airports registered with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and will expand no fly zones to ensure they cover the runways at major international airports. DC and extends for a 25 kilometer (15.5 mile) radius in all directions. Phantom pilots in this area will not be able to take off from or fly into this airspace.

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  • I agree.  I don't see this as a bad thing at all.  In fact, I think we should be doing it.  Be responsible voluntarily before something worse is forced on us.

  • These are all bandaids to a larger problem.  These bandaids are a good thing, but far from a solution. 

  • IMHO govnt or private owner must by himself send DJI requests for include in no-FLY  zone. If not who may  ask what DJI drones flight over them?

  • Edit ... Seems doubtful flight controller restrictions can fix drinking and droning, though!

    (The White House flyer apparently had had a few drinks ...)

    Or wireless signal  jamming ... (There's been some speculation that this could have been  what brought the Phantom down).

  • Indeed ....   But  that's assuming one knows how to fly in manual  :) Apparently many  don't ... or don't think of switching to manual when something is wrong ...

    That's where the ease of flying something like a Phantom in GPS mode becomes  a problem ... Doubtful  that  adding flight restrictions will help much, but it could have at least one positive effect if it encouraged owners to learn how to fly in manual ... 

    Btw,  DJI could very change all this by requiring a GPS to fly at all, even when not using it in manual mode ... Doubt it though, extreme and too many issues (like flying indoors, etc ...).

    Adding the Washington DC restriction just seems like a good PR thing, as in, "we care and we are doing our part"  ....

    @Gary: Thanks.

    Seems doubtful flight controller restrictions can fix

  • Rui, you are correct, there is absolutely no requirement at all for a GPS to fly with DJI's NAZA based system(what the Phantom uses). In fact it works very well without one.  Simply unplug the GPS and it automatically goes into "Stabilized" kind of mode where you can take off and fly anywhere without restriction.  This solves nothing.

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    John, DJI sent it to me

  • This is one Transport Canada's requirements."Don’t fly: Closer than 150 meters from people, animals, buildings, structures, or vehicles." Is it only time before they program this requirement as well?

  • btw, just trying to get more info on this. Nothing that I could find on DJI official website, and I have no subscription to WSJ.

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    @Sgt Ric, hey moderator, be nice!

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