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Yesterday was "let's be unfair to the DJI Wookong WKM day!" here at Build Your Own Drone, I've had a growing number of people asking just how good the WKM Flight Controller from DJI Wookong is, & how much setting up is needed to get the "outstanding flights" seen in the other videos I've posted here, I hope that this video might help show / answer just how easy it's to start with the stock settings straight from the box with the Wookong WKM, and then build on this with some PID tuning and taking a little care while building!

The test was done using a F450 Flame wheel with a DJI Wookong WKM running on the 5.02 firmware. The motors were 880Kv with 10" props between rain and hail storms rolling through!

So how did we make this an "unfair" to the WKM day, very easily, pay next to no attention on the details during the build, don't check for the CoG, use a few cable ties to hold "items" in place, take no time to build / don't adjust any PID settings from the box, don't balance a single prop, don't replace the prop adaptor which is running off centre and causing a ton of vibrations (this bonus was only seen after the first test flight), use the cheapest props you can get! Then go fly it on a bad weather day, you will see at the end of the video another rain storm starting, so I have to bring the Flame Wheel and WKM down real quick!

In summary, the WKM & F450 Flame wheel was put together with very little care or attention to detail, and I would say that this falls into what I could call a very, very "amateur" build, I was very keen to show just what the WKM can do even when you don't try!

I had to film and "fly" ("watch" would be a better term to use here than "fly") the F450 Flame Wheel & WKM combo yesterday, so the video is not that stable like the others, so sorry for the shakes and the odd cut where I have panned the camera, which did not look great!

I hope you enjoy watching the DJI Wookong WKM & F450 Flame wheel video!





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  • can we use wookong-m controller with everything else from jdrones. i mean the frame, motors, ESCs all from jdrones and only the controller with its IMU, GPS etc.

    Actually i am asking this especially because of the ESCs. WKM should be used with ESCs of refresh rate of 400Hz. jdrones didn't mention their refresh rate, are they compatable?

  • Ellison, I'm using a Turnigy 2200mAh 20-30c discharge battery with 4 Tiger 710KV motors with DJI 30A Opto

    ESC's. On a new battery I was getting about 7 mins. on my quad.


    Jason, You ask how the NAZA flys, a friend of mine has one and it flys extremely well. In no wind conditions

    it just sits there in front of you [hands off] hovering with the minimum amount of movement. My DJI quad when

    the GPS decides to function does exactly the same even with a steady breeze blowing. 

  • Thanks for the info Martin.  So, the 4000mah 30C battery should be able to handle the Hexa with no load.  My plan is to see how it behaves, and then get a second battery to fly with parallel batteries, once when I add the camera gimbal.  Of course using two batteries should actually double the current draw capacity of the single battery, in theory.

    As for setup, I'm not used to the chinglish.  It was a little confusing even for me.  For instance I didn't realize  that with "Immediate" motor stop mode that the thing would automatically disarm, after 5 sec of throttle=0.  Also instructions on LED sequence interpretation was a little confusing.  But, once you understand it, it all makes perfect sense.

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    When I send a Hexacopter up and that Hexa costs over £8k with toys on it + the build time I want to know it's coming back in one part and that it can be used again! The WKM just delivers this, it sounds very much like Jason and others have also experienced the "confidence" you can have in this system, and it’s just that, “confidence” that all risks have been reduced to the minimum that they can be!





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    @ Ellison,


    The WKM takes power direct from the battery(s) with a DJI BEC, they say to cut the "red" wire on the ESC's which have a BEC.


    The Lipo I use in the videos in this thread is a Nano Tech 4000 mAh 45-90 C 3S and give over 10 min's flight even in "testing" conditions....  including windsocks getting in the way :) That battery will deliver 45A per motor on the Quad, on a Hexa 30A per motor, however I fly a HexaCopter which is about 4Kg's and that eats a 6000 mAh 4S in about 8 min's, so I would say you need to have a good battery if you are lifting some weight!


    How did you find the setup of the Naza Ellison?





  • By my calculation, the 25C, 3000mah can discharge at 75A.  The motors draw a max of 70A.  So it was close.  The battery was a well used one, so I'm right at the edge.  The 30C, 4000mah ones should be able to handle 120A, so  it should well covered.

  • Yeah, I'm not using DJI motors and ESCs.  The motors I have are 930KV, 3s, and 130w each.  The battery is rated 25C constant, and 50C burst.  Just too much power to draw from it. It's not a capacity issue, but a discharge rate issue.   My new battery is 30C constant, and 70C burst. Should be better.  It's my first hexa, so still working out the bugs.

  • Jason, don't know yet, since my 3000mah nano-tech 3s battery 30C, keeps setting off the battery failsafe everytime I throttle up.  Looks like I underestimated the power requirements of 6 motors.  Waiting on a newer higher C, 5000mah battery from HK. But, from what I can see the NAZA has some smart features.  I especially like the auto disarm, after throttle drops to 0 after 5 secs.  Could save a lot of props.

    For the few seconds that I get it in the air before failsafe brings it down, the yaw is not holding very well.  But I suspect that's the low voltage causing it.

  • The DJI ESCs are Opto-isolated, as most high amperage ESC tend to be. This means that all the electronics will be powered by a separate BEC.  Having all electronics on one BEC translates to cleaner power.  Not sure about the Wookong, but I just got my NAZA, and everything is powered from the Versitile Unit(VU), which has its own BEC.  I believe this good power management is the key to some of the stability of the Wookong and the NAZA.

  • i,m just assuming that people who buy a $2000 dollar auto pilot are not using HK $12 ESC's and motors and are probably spending more time with setup and are most likely more knowledgeable than the average DYI user .am i wrong ? and again I think the APM 1 is adequate for its purpose and price and it will only get better ! when i had mine on my heli i was amazed at how locked in the tail was to the point i became a spectator ! regardless i cant see spending this type of money on something that flies period ! no matter how good it is i could still mess it up and crash and would be paralyzed with fear

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