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Yesterday was "let's be unfair to the DJI Wookong WKM day!" here at Build Your Own Drone, I've had a growing number of people asking just how good the WKM Flight Controller from DJI Wookong is, & how much setting up is needed to get the "outstanding flights" seen in the other videos I've posted here, I hope that this video might help show / answer just how easy it's to start with the stock settings straight from the box with the Wookong WKM, and then build on this with some PID tuning and taking a little care while building!

The test was done using a F450 Flame wheel with a DJI Wookong WKM running on the 5.02 firmware. The motors were 880Kv with 10" props between rain and hail storms rolling through!

So how did we make this an "unfair" to the WKM day, very easily, pay next to no attention on the details during the build, don't check for the CoG, use a few cable ties to hold "items" in place, take no time to build / don't adjust any PID settings from the box, don't balance a single prop, don't replace the prop adaptor which is running off centre and causing a ton of vibrations (this bonus was only seen after the first test flight), use the cheapest props you can get! Then go fly it on a bad weather day, you will see at the end of the video another rain storm starting, so I have to bring the Flame Wheel and WKM down real quick!

In summary, the WKM & F450 Flame wheel was put together with very little care or attention to detail, and I would say that this falls into what I could call a very, very "amateur" build, I was very keen to show just what the WKM can do even when you don't try!

I had to film and "fly" ("watch" would be a better term to use here than "fly") the F450 Flame Wheel & WKM combo yesterday, so the video is not that stable like the others, so sorry for the shakes and the odd cut where I have panned the camera, which did not look great!

I hope you enjoy watching the DJI Wookong WKM & F450 Flame wheel video!





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  • What is really amazing is the zero yaw on DJI regardless of how hard the copter fights a cross wind.  You should not have to pay $3,000 for an autopilot that can hold yaw.  The current "performance" of DIY is very dissapointing.

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    I know we are a little off topic here, however it's a very vaild point to the WKM users and might even help a little "down under", I have a lock time of way less than a 60 seconds on the F450 / WKM setup which I have been flying, this is from a cold start in a new location, and I promise you I took no care, no shielding tape etc. you can see in the videos the ESC's are held on by one cable tie, I splashed out to two cable ties on the "LED", I don't think this is the issue / the fix for the Oz users... :(  However if it's useful to WKM users to gain better results then I'm all for it! :)


    Jason, have you seen any flight improvements with your "mod", if that is even possible?  ;)


    I did see a few posts up that there is a "lets fly" an Ardu copter / WKM copter back to back and see what they do, I will do this when I have the time, however I'm very short on this at the moment as I have a number of builds on the go for customers, and the UK weather is not helping here, this whole week has been lost to rain and silly high winds!





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    Usually refereed to as EMI shielding tape. You can get it in most electronic parts shops like digikey etc.

  • what tape do you use for covering?

  • Thanks Jason I might just give it a try. I have spoken to the agent in Oz and he mentioned one of the things

    they tried was to 'wave' an ordinary compass over various sections of the quad to try and find the least

    amount of deflection and place the GPS aerial there. Apparently the results were'nt always convincing!

  • Thanks Martin I hope so to.

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    @ Ellison,


    You joke about tuning the GPS upside down, the guy's out in Oz I think from some reading have tried just about every trick in the book to get a solid sat lock from some of the posts I have been reading, I don't think it's so much a DJI issue as there AP's work very well in other places around the globe, there has to be a "little" something that is stopping the system working as DJI are not the first company to have issues "down under" with GPS, I hope that they can resolve it quickly.





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    Hey Cliff, yes I did see it and was looking into the number of posts around the web on the issues in Oz on a range of GPS based items, from sat nav, smart phones, Autopilots etc I had never given it a second thought, I guess like many people I think of GPS (remind me what is the G in GPS stands for again!) as being a standard across the globe, it looks like in most cases there is some firmware issues and an update is all that is needed, I hope that the DJI Guys do get this taken care of down under, it looks like the big mobile phone / sat nav guy have managed it, I hope you will enjoy the UK / EU / Northern Hemisphere DJI WKM experience very soon :)




  • Oh were it that easy!

  • Don't you have to turn the GPS antenna upside down? ;-)

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