DOH! (check your radio settings before flight!)

3689489158?profile=originalJust got back from the park, was going to do some FPV.

Everything looked good, lifted off, corrected for a bit of lean to the rear, it got worse, corrected more, hit full forward and quad continued to accelerate in reverse, killed throttle and rolled it breaking a prop. 

New prop, lifted off and it started again. This time all that air time training I've got with my new Hubsan X4 kicked in and I flew it backwards and landed it. 

At first I thought my radio config got hosed, then I remembered that I've been finishing building my flying wing. Checked the radio and sure enough, it was set to "Slinger". Set the radio back to UFO, and my quad flew fine. Another item for the pre-flight. DOH!

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  • Yea, some kind of indicator on the radio would be nice. A 'Ringtone" on radio boot for each model would be nice, or if it talked to you. Picking your model like futaba would be a nice feature too. Oh well. Growing pains I guess.

  • Yeah I have the Futaba 8FG and you can set it to require that you pick the model when you power it on.. that would have come in handy for you.

  • I had a similar crash when I first started with my quad because I had inadvertently set it to 'simple' mode. It flew ok in front of me but when I circled around to turn the other way all the controls were of course then reversed.

    So, it's not just your radio settings that can get you, so check the config settings thoroughly too.

    On that note, I've seen a few disaster posts now that have revealed people having non-standard config settings when they post their logs. Would it be an idea for the Mission Planner software to have a 'Check my settings' function in the config area where it compares your settings to defaults for your platform and warns you of anything non-standard in there?
  • Sorry to hear of your crash.Some Futaba adios can be set to askyou what model you want every time you switch the TX on.
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    You need to adhere to the 6Ps of success: Perfect Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.



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