Dolphins and Drones

This was a quick test at Dolphin Research Center  to see if a peduncle band if visible from the air using low cost equipment. The dolphins have been trained to wear the bands. The peduncle bands are used in case of a hurricanes to be able to identify the dolphins if they get washed out to sea in a storm. Because the dolphins do not have the skills needed to feed themselves it is critical that they are found quickly.

The main focus of this project is to build hex and quads that will be used to rescue injured and entangled manatees in the Keys. It is currently a time consuming and expensive to rescue these endangered animals often taking day to locate an injured animal. 

Before you get stared

This was filmed with 6 spotters early in the day before many people were on the grounds. You can see a couple of young kid come up to the fence towards the end.......time to stop

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  • Thanks ! 23kts that;s motorin

  • the peduncle is the are just before the tail. The band is made of neoprene, it has a plastic clip like a dog collar. The trick was making strong enough to survive a dolphin swimming at 23 kts yet brake if it get hung on something so the dolphin would not drown

  • You would think that, but they can actually get out quit easily and do on occasion, the funny thing is when they do brake out they brake back in on the other side, normally the boys going to visit the girls. It is not much different than you dog or cat. It more like the Hilton, 20 to 30 lbs of fish a day and free medical care. I will have some more video as this project progresses. And some of it will defiantly be movie magic 

  • God landing on the balcony what is a   peduncle band and how is it attached to the dolphin?

  • Dolphin internment camp?

  • I will check with Dan, but the song is still a work in progress and still need some tweaks but not bad for the first shot at it 


  • I just drove past there a few weeks ago on my way to Key West! :-)

  • Can your share the song? :-)

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