DroidPlanner 2.3.3 is out on Google Play Store. This release shouldn’t change much for the average user (just a couple of bug fixes), but it’s a huge improvement for developers.

The changes include (here is the full change log):

  • Support for Hybrid mode.

  • Logs upload to DroneShare (opt in)

  • Miscellaneous improvements on mission planning code.

  • A couple of bugfixes, for example making mode changes work with Hexacopters (and all other copter configurations)

  • Decoupling of drone-specific code from Android UI code

The last item means that all the code relating to the drone and mission state is in a separate library, and can be reused in other GCS applications (it could even be used as the base for a PC/MAC application).

About the first image:

The flight was planned with the new version of DroidPlanner and executed with an Iris. Some pre-planning was also needed to find out the correct path to take, and places to add delay waypoints.

IMG_20140510_102222 (1).jpg

The entire flight was made just using DP2, but with a safety pilot ready to take action. Here is the result:

Screenshot from 2014-05-10 13:25:54.png



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  • Just installed 2.7.8

    Hi Arthur

    I have not been able to use the radio page for several releases. It never even starts to download the info. The mode page is particularly missed as without this I feel I need another GS. But... Thank you for putting back the params detail pop up windows!! Great feature. 15-20 modes and I'm gonna remember which number is which? NOT! I know I'm posting this in the 2.3.3 page I could not for the life of me find a more current DIY DP page. This is a killer app!! Really nice if it could just get the bugs worked out... famous last words right? ha 

  • Having used follow me on the previous version before, I think what would be safer functionality would be for the copter to follow at the offset from the tablet of height and distance away that was at when followme was initiated at ... instead of directly over the tablet... that always seemed very unsafe to me

  • 100KM

    I don't imagine it would, but it would be interesting if it did!

  • That's interesting ! I'd need to check if Guided on Droidplanner 2 without pointing any point on the map would result in the IRIS following me.

  • 100KM

    That's exactly what the old Droidplanner does - it switches the APM mode into "Guided" and then follows me around with my smartphone in my pocket. So I think it's called Follow Me on the user interface, but it's using the guided feature on the APM at intervals.

  • No, guided is when you click & point on the map and the quad flies to that point then waits for the next order. Follow Me is when you carry your smartphone (with embedded GPS) running Droidplanner or Andropilot, and the quad follows you wherever you go. Imagine you put your quad in the air, set it to "follow me", then you go for a run or on your bicycle and your quad will follow you.

  • Arthur - thank you so much!
  • 100KM

    I'm using the Droidplanner 1's guided mode, works well. Is that the same as follow me?

  • 100KM

    I'm using the Droidplanner 1's guided mode, works well.

  • @arthur_Benemann Andropilot is showing a follow me feature, but I never tested it (I actually never flown with Andropilot yet). Does it mean that feature wouldn't also be working ?

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