DroidPlanner Telemetry Bluetooth Bridge

bt_bridge_1.jpgPleased with the way this has turned out for a Saturday project :-)

It compliments Arthur Benemanns DroidPlanner app to give a wireless link between the aircrafts radio and a Bluetooth connection to the Android tablet.

  • Its fitted with a 1000mah LiPo battery and charge circuit which is chargeable by a small USB slot at the bottom of the unit.
  • Ultrabright LEDs for the power and Bluetooth link for sunny days.
  • BT LED blinks when there is no connection and goes solid when connection is made.


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  • Possible to make this work with RFD900?

  • MR60

    Nice packaging. For those wanting a dig way, look here for a 3dr telemetry Bluetooth bridge:http://www.diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/3dr-telemetry-module-recycl...

  • Nice....I just started ordering bits before seeing his to do one too. 

  • I may have to get a 3DR radio now to integrate it onto the PCB giving the option to either plug in a 3DR radio or XBEE.

    Anyone have an injection moulding machine :-D

  • What's the range. I think it would nice to put the module up on a twenty foot mast for good reception.

  • Yeah, I would only want one for 3dr. No point running on 2.4Ghz when all my control is on it.

  • Very cool Steven.  Please post instructions or offer for sale. :)

    I've been dabbling with this myself, but nearly as nice!  And screen printed too!  I imagine you could easily sell 1000+ of these units.

  • Id like to make one of those for the 3DR radios, really cool.

  • :D shut up and take my money!

    nice work!

  • Thanks Steven. I would love to have one.
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