Drone Fish (AUV fish) Lead Real Fish to Safety


Robot fish take over schools, lead real fish to safety
Popular Science (1/6/10) Boyle, Rebecca

A New York University researcher is building a series of robotic fish that could enter into a school of real fish and take over their maneuvers. It could herd the fish away from dangers, such as underwater turbines. The research the leader fish robot is based on determined that the fish in the school that beats its tail fastest is the one that gets the attention of a school.

No word yet on which IMU or Kalman filter they've chosen.

Full story here.

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  • Thanks for the info!
  • @Johnathan

    And a net :)
  • So I just need to buy one of those instead of a fishing pole.
  • @Morli
    Think your more correct, once $ comes into play , into a net it will be :(
  • Admin
    lead them to safety or fisherman's net :). Interesting.
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