Drone RC 18 kg 250 km/h GPS + Autopilot



In 2001 I built a plane with an autopilot.

To take off the driver uses the remote control.

Then when the plane is high in the sky the pilot shut down the remote.

The autopilot captures and stores the GPS coordinates.

Then the plane turned around GPS coordinates in memory.

The autopilot calculation if he has to turn left or right.

The flight of 250 km / h measured by GPS.

Then for the pilot landed the aircraft with the remote control lights.



Aeroplane weight: 19 kg


Speed: 250 km / h

Construction: aluminum + balsa

Control: PLC S7226 CPU Siemens Industrial

Gyroscope: two mechanical axes, manufacturing staff,

GPS: Hiking Type

Engine: 60cc 3w

1 liter of gasoline tank


Video on YouTube









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  • 250 K m to the liter awesome mileage!

    Is there any way to adapt this on my car ? :D

  • 250 K m to the liter awesome mileage!

  • Hello,

    To answer your questions:

    The mechanical gyro system was the most complicated to manufacture.

    The principle of the gyroscope is simple but it must be manufactured with high precision.

    The flight time on average with a liter of gasoline is about 1 hour (250 miles) just take the plane more fuel to travel a greater distance.

    Communication with the aircraft is téléphonne cell to know its position, speed, etc..

    Every 15 minutes flight you must calibrate the gyro heading with GPS.

    For example if the flight to heading 180 ° (flying south) must verify that the aircraft is always in a straight line heading 180 °

    If the plane turns slightly left or right must be compensated with the rudders, the PLC automatically calculating this information.

    This aircraft was built to show that it is possible to fly in fair auto transport aircraft with commercial hardware.

    Only by assembling various component without electronic study.

    The Siemens is an industrial controller found in machine tools.

    See you soon.


  • T3

    Was this made as aerial target of hobby only?

  • I missed the link to the YouTube video the first time around.  It's worth watching.  For those who also missed it above, click HERE.

  • Michel, great plane, did you build it for a specific job or just for fun?

    Regards richie.
  • What is the flight time on average?

  • I LOVE the copper plumbing fittings in the frame - that is awesome!  Way to get the job done with the materials at hand.

  • Cool, technology has made huge progress in 10 years

  • Thanks for posting this.  Very interesting and a great project.

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