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Drone registration proposal from Airmap


Airmap, a Dronecode Project member, has just released a very thoughtful and detailed White Paper on a proposed scalable registration system for drones. From the paper:

A robust and scalable registration system considers the right technologies for its organization, registration information, queries, and security as the UAS ecosystem expands. This paper argues that careful selection of current Internet technologies and protocols can help enable the creation of a registration system that serves present needs but will also evolve as technology advance

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  • This is to secure the airspace for Big Drone. There is zero benefit for the consumer.  

  • The solution that ENAC want for the identification of UAV in Italy

  • Developer

    UAS != Internet

    Assuming it will be possible to ensure communication between drones and internet (big brother) in flight, is optimistic at best.

  • Dear god this is getting a bit 1984 isn't it?  This paper starts off by positioning itself as a technology focused paper but quickly moves into a global orwellian utopia.  It (hopefully) misinterprets the aim of the FAA registration system to be a total lockdown surveillance of the airspace and then rapidly maps the entire airspace onto the internet DNS system and infers itself as the central registrar.  Oh wait a second, who's an author of this paper, the chairman of ICANN?  The most self-serving, controlling, 'global we rule the world oh wait we don't have jurisdiction of the world' organisation to have ever existed?  Next, please.

    ADS-B is a far more sensible approach to these kinds of issues.  Safety focused, inherently centralised or meshed positional network to allow safe, dense use of the airspace, less about selfish commercial interests.

  • Network topology drawings are a dime a dozen. A better topology is one that doesn't require one. Autonomous aircraft know how to operate safely in their environment as well as in collectives(think flying organic systems as a model: bees, birds, bats, etc....) The level of infrastructure used in the above drawing is overkill. Imagine every morning that you woke up(i.e. an autonomous human), you had to ping a server to see if you were authorized to open your front door. Welcome to the movie plot from Brazil. Maybe the ability to fire a bullet from a gun should be authenticated against a server before firing. I think that is a much more applicable/life saving system. :)

  • Admin

    Will the FAA take the attitude of "not invented here"?



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