"Drone Strike" Shame on CNN!


This picture flashed on the screen for only a few moments early last week while reporting on a recent "Drone Strike" in Pakistan.  Is this really the best they can do for research?  Your thoughts?

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  • looks legit to me... ROFL

    The USA government killed 64,000 civilians in Iraq but you only see quad rotors on the news....

    If you think you are free you are a fool.

    Holding our own government responsible for abusing drones and crossing the borders of other countries illegally & unwelcome is the root to restoring a positive view of drones around the world

  • Well its from CNN, so the missile also traveled at 18 times the speed of light.
  • Karsai said "unsuitable time" the perfect 30(flight time) minute window and it did tens of dollars of damage.

  • @Adam: First 11 images in a Google search of "Drone" gives you the predator!

    I would find this comical if it weren't for the fact that people will associate that shape/figure with that event. 

  • Moderator

    Wow, the article in the Business section is very positive and well informed!

    If it was hastily thrown in to appease complaints about the multicopter image, it was still done well.

  • It looks like they might be trying to make up for it here. http://www.cnn.com/2013/11/03/business/meet-your-friendly-neighborh...

    I wonder if there is any correlation between the mishap and this being posted.  

  • "drone" ?  if it was just a strike aircraft it was suitable fot him?

  • Moderator

    Sure we can take it with a bit of humour, but what about the general public?

    Just reinforcing the bad image our community is getting!

  • @ Charles, You're right, we should. 

  • jajajaja, i prefer to take this with humor

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