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  • Lawnmower? Blender? Seriously?

    Save the drama. People who don't know better might read this. 

  • LOL, yeah a flying lawnmower over my head will help me concentrate and ease my exam anxiety... ha! What makes this joke so funny is that it isn't actually all that funny.

  • That caught so much attention and disturbing to examiners!

  • Totally agree with @Marius.. This is so stupid and dangerous... nothing like flying lawn mower over students heads in a confined space.. where all sorts of problems could occur.   Good thing it didn't fall out of the air and cut someone face, hands or arms open.

  • I've said it before and I'll say it again, DIY Drones is the worst place to make a joke.

  • Next story - drones watching kids at the kindergarten... no limits for people with a lot "free" time, laying on government salary

  • This video bring up two questions:

    1. Did the students give consent to 4 blender blades hovering above their faces and the possibility of being permanently scarred in case the drone did not respond as planned?

    2. Do you want to study at a place that recklessly puts their students in danger for some cheap promotion?

  • C'est une histoire belge :-)

    What surprise me is why some people still believe in such stories.

    If you were student, will you admit a such noisy thing have evident negative impact on your exam results? And possibly on your future?

  • It is used to create a hype for this school and is obviously "fake". For those who can not speak Dutch, the main argument to use drones is that "drones are more quieter than people as they would frequently cough". (all along while a massively noisy drone is blowing away their papers and risking chopping off fingers or taking out an eye.)

    Common strategy for advertising these day to create a hype with an outrageous (and fake) video..... As this gets picked up by media and other sites and creates vivid discussions = more bang for advertising bucks.

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