3689634316?profile=originalI just read Chris Anderson's book Makers which I thoroughly enjoyed. He wrote about Quirky, a site where anybody can submit new product ideas and if an idea gets enough votes from its community, it may get commercialized. So I gave it a go with with my Red Baron drone that kills flying insects inside the house. The voting deadline is in 30 hours from now, so if you are keen to read about it please check it out at https://www.quirky.com/invent/1570504/action/vote/query/view=trending%26amp;categories=all and if you like the idea, please vote for it.

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    Supposedly mosquitoes are attracted to CO2 emissions. Carry a cube of dry ice and bingo instant mosquito attraction! Might defeat the purpose however :)


    Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

  • Daniel thanks for your great suggestion. Definitely an option to consider.

  • Wrong tool for the job.  See this:


  • Only dead mosquito is a good mosquito ! :-)

  • Like the idea.. however, It would be very hard to detect a mosquito, let alone chase it with a drone. Instead you would like to mosquito to come to your drone with some kind of chemical he is attrackted to.

    I am just back from a UAV mapping mission in Ethiopia, mapping malaria hotspots (small lakes). If you get your drone to work, this could be a realy usefull application.. all the best!  

  • The drone's prop wash would throw the insect across the room. A better idea would to put a screen(like from a window) above the rotor's and fly under the insect. That way the insects get sucked onto the screen and there is no insect retrieval.  

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    How big insect must bee?

  • Dream on!

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