Drone vs. Drone

See what happens if two APM powered quads get too close to each other.

The innocent ArcticCoper was in loiter, the TBS Discovery was in stabilized trying to get close up. Slow motion footage shows how one motor of the AcrticCopter completely stops after hitting the TBS Discovery quad. The damaged propeller then drags one arm down of the TBS Discovery, you can even see the propeller bend.

Both quads survived, only damage was a clipped prop on the ArctiCopter.


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  • @Graham, the PID values are vastly different between AC versions and Motor/Frame/Prop/Battery combinations. In the video there are two copters, the one crashing runs pretty much on default values. The TBS frame needs LOW P values because of the oversized motors.

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    @Graham, wiffle balls.  I like them coz they don't get stuck in the grass.  I've got the smaller ones on this quad, but you can use the larger ones to get more battery clearance.

  • I'm going to the state park to fly soon.
  • What kind of landing gear is that ? Ping pong balls?
  • What are your pitch and roll values in the apm mission planner
  • Next on Discovery channel, when dones attack...

  • The prop hit the bell of the opposing quad and came to a complete stop. From the video it look like the motor remained stalled for the next few seconds.

    Video could use some of that screaming sound all planes make in WWII movies as they fall from the sky ;)
  • What caused the motor to stop spinning? Was a wire clipped by the adversary prop?
  • That is so cool. Sort of like the TV show "Battle Bots", but with quads? I'd love to try this with some friends, but I'm not entirely sure I could afford this sort of hobby.

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    One day they'll be installing those picnic tables in the Smithsonian Air & Space!

    Here's the damage sustained.  We were flying this for the Korean Broadcasting people, so changing the prop gave them some nice B-roll.


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