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Do you know how many parcels were delivered last year to persons like you or me? UPS delivered last year 4.6 billion parcels worldwide, imagine the rest of companies.

Do you think the current transport model (packages and documents) is efficient and can provide services anywhere or in any circumstance?

Imagine this: What if there is a technology that make possible to carry packages through the air, in less than 1 or 2 hours and at a fraction of the current cost? Imagine a parcel transport with an unprecedented flexibility and adaptability, with minimum energetic cost and environmental impact.

Based on the data, the technology that we develop is applicable to most of the deliveries, up to  95% of them. Imagining the case in which only the 65% of the deliveries were so urgent to need to use our technology in 2014, if being applied, UPS would have saved 105 billion USD last year in deliveries. Likewise, there are some services that currently are not possible like remote zones deliveries or urgent services under 2 hours (e.g. for medicines).

Our team develop technology of unmanned vehicles for logistics purposes, focusing on those steps where we can add more value on the chain, which allow us to develop the technology that better adapts to logistics problems, making it really applicable and safe to use. Currently we are building our second prototype which will demonstrate its inherent better capabilities in comparison with Matternet or Amazon technology.

We have gone through a long journey since our beginnings in 2013 designing, developing software, testing, etc.  There will be soon news about what we have already done and we are doing.

In the meantime, if you like this: we need people passionate about this like you to spread our view and inspire the change.


DroneBoX Team

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  • At 8kg...about 6 minutes with this craft. And my battery cables are under spec, so even if I could go longer, my connectors would melt :-).

    Looking to push out to 15 mins with a 8S lifter later this year.

  • Euan, what's your flight time like that?

  • Of those < 5kg packages, what is the average distance from origin to destination? What about weather conditions over the delivery period for the < 5kg sample? Are these deliveries predominately in a city environment where GPS is less than optimal?

  • 5kg is 90%? Good job we're doing 8kg now! :-)


  • Hi Rob

    Thanks for the question.

    As Bart said: yes it is real data.
    The data we have presented is from one of the most important parcel companies in Europe.

    Interesting slide that one Bart! Thanks!

  • Wow.

  • The team from DHL presented the same graph so I guess its true: if you can transport 5 kg = 90% of all packages 3702039588?profile=original

  • The same way they stop them now.

    Is this data real?  90% of packages are under 4kg?

  • I wonder how is the government going to stop people from using drones for deliveries of illegal things like drugs ?

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