DroneDeploy launches real-time mapping


DroneDeploy is launching the first drone software capable of creating orthorectified maps in real-time. Farmers, surveyors and search and rescue teams typically had to wait for 4-6 hours for maps to be created out of drone imagery, but now can start making decisions with data as it’s collected live.

Tim VanDermyden, CEO of Stratos Aerial, a Surveying Drone company explains “Typically data processing takes four or more hours – actually it’s somewhat of a holy grail to get real-time aerial maps. This will save operators hours every time they fly their drones, and enable better decisions, as data can now be ground-truthed during a flight instead of hours or even days later as is the case with existing systems.” DroneDeploy is able to achieve this real-time stitching because their drones are all internet enabled, and can leverage massive cloud infrastructure for the processing.

DroneDeploy CTO, Nick Pilkington, who has a Ph.D in Machine Learning explains “The drones stream back high definition imagery over LTE during the flight. Our software processes the images rapidly in the cloud and high-resolution orthorectified maps are delivered back to the user in seconds.” The technology is being demonstrated for the first time at ‘ASPRS UAS Technical Demonstration and Symposium’ – a dedicated Drone Mapping conference starting today in Reno, NV. Construction and survey companies are rapidly adopting drone technology, with over 500 attendees, and 50 drone companies displaying their flying robots.

Stratos Aerial, is launching two drones with DroneDeploy’s software, making them the first drones capable of real-time mapping. Visit www.dronedeploy.com for more information.

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  • T3

    I have a couple of questions

    1. What is the geo-spacial accuracy of the product?

    2. What is the image resolution of the final product?

    3. How do you get your imagery to the cloud and how much does transmission cost?

  • Excellent post. Impressive work!

  • Very nice, thanks for information.

  • Moderator

    Very impressive.   I have not gotten around to deploying my drone deploy, but now I really have some motivation.  

  • Off-topic, but I would've loved to attend the conference in Reno. Where are events like that posted?

  • Thanks all for the great comments!

    @Dan, we're able to compute the DEM as well as the ortho in real-time, but we're currently only displaying the ortho on the flight screen.

    Also feel free to reach out to info@dronedeploy.com with any other questions.

  • Amazingly smooth solution - this is really cutting edge!

    Very impressive work from a company that already impresses me :-)

  • This is great. Are the DEM and orthorectified images immediately available, or are they processed afterwards?

  • It is amazing how the technology is evolving….just few years ago flying an Rc plane autonomously was just a dream…now almost on weekly bases we see something amazing taking place, more accurate gps, laser sensors  faster processors powering  autopilots like Pixhawk  etc, etc  and now this real-time mapping, good job to all involved on the project. . 

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