Attorney Peter Sachs (www.dronelawjournal.com) has started a fundraising campaign for legal funds to challenge the FAA's interpretive rules for commercial use of UAVs. Peter has already collected a couple thousand dollars on his website (http://dronepilotsassociation.com/), but we need more momentum to get this going. As such, an Indiegogo campaign was started today to help this get more visibility and, hopefully, more traction.

The Indiegogo campaign is here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/operation-drone-freedom-liberate-our-skies

As many of you know, the current FAA interpretive ruling effectively blocks ANY commercial use of UAVs, and a very good portion of us have a financial interest in making sure this doesn't happen.

We only have until August 25 to legally challenge the interpretation, so time is of the essence. From Peter's site:

Time is running out to legally challenge the FAA's June 25, 2014 Interpretation of the Special Rule for Model AircraftIf not successfully challenged before August 25, 2014, drone pilots will be barred from operating commercially, barred from flying in "first person view," barred from operating within 5 miles of any airport without prior permission and will suddenly be subject to all Federal Aviation Regulations. 

Disclaimer: I have no personal stake in this, just one of the many concerned people with a lot to lose under a commercial ban. Peter also has stated that he WILL NOT be the lawyer to represent the donors, rather will hire counsel to do so. Peter has answered most of the common questions here: http://dronepilotsassociation.com/donate-to-legal-fund/

Would really like to see this succeed, and I hope all the others affected by this will contribute as well. I would encourage everyone affected to spread this through your social channels, and maybe use the #dronefreedom tag to get this going.

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    @BacklashRC. Sessions start elsewhere in the world would be 70% then, and the top 9 would be same number as the US. 
    I think the real problem the FAA have is how to integrate small UAS into the airspace. Ones used for video/picture work, who don't want to fly over 400ft. Canada and others countries have relatively easy to get authorisation for such class of drones. Some forms and a demonstration of competency. The largest challenge is insurance (can be done, but as you would expect more costly)
    Leave the larger class of vehicles for future, but they could be doing more for groups now. They are only RC model class size, and those groups have been flying for decades

  • *now


  • mP1, according to the stats posted by Bill Bonney, the percentage of members using this site from the United States is six times larger than then next largest group by country.

    The United States is the world's largest consumer economy.  If you think that the FAA's stance will not adversely effect research, development, market penetration, and regulation in other countries then you are not paying attention.

    It does not matter where you are personally from, the FAA matters.  It may not affect you know, but it will soon.

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    Mount high horse.

    @Rob point of order the FAA didn't turn up for a very important ICAO RPAS meeting in I think it was 2009. At that meeting several countries decided to ignore them from there on in. It was a good job they did. 

    There will be no trickle down from the FAA and what they consider to be correct operating procedures in the countries already operating. Sure they still goto the meetings now but they are not steering policy. They are not respected.

    There are now thousands of licenced civilian RPAS operators in the rest of the world and only two in the USA.

    So let me climb down off my high horse.

    Its a very great pity what is happening over there. What you are seeing now is not even the real fight. RCAPA started telling folks in 2007 that this was on the way and nobody believed them. Looking at the slow rate of donations to the cause it underlines the apathy of a community that is going to shout like crazy when they finally realise what they just lost. STANAG documents for all. 

    I guess the prevalence of FAA themed posts is just a sign of the times.


  • @Sgt Ric The FAA is routinely contracted to investigate accidents through the NTSB, not sure where you are getting your information.

  • Regardless of how many there are I know that this community has benefited greatly from non American members and contributors. Most of the people who make the most sense here are not from America. I only used that bit of info to explain why there's so many post here about the faa. I just wanted to make that much of my point of view known.
  • I would be interested in the statistics of the numbers of users on this site, since it seems to me that there is a more diverse international representation than you think Rob.
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    FYI...the American FAA does NOT investigate air accidents/incidents. The FAA is responsible for air safety and enforcement while it is the The NTSB that handles the investigations on American soil, and is often invited by other countries if they feel it could assist when the aircraft was manufactured in the US.
    Also, many smaller countries do not have the capability to recover the data from the flight recorders so they are often shipped to Washington for recovery.

    The FAA has no jurisdiction outside the US. Recently they have issued directives covering flights by American carriers flying international routes, but it is not the actual airspace they can effect.
  • Yes this forum is primarily American, how long did it take to figure out more UAS companies reside in the US than any other country? I could go on and on, but its not worth my time crusading against the minority. I support all efforts and call out negative people like mP1. They just want to use the non-American card and think we have egos, the facts rests on the data. America is the melting pot, go start Australia Drones if you don't want to read what is effecting our reading base. Shawn, no I will not waste another post on this and no I have not received a personal message and will not respond to one.

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