Perth, Western Australia. COPTERCAM is cleared for take off after being issued with an UAV Operator Certificate from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

COPTERCAM becomes the first operator of the Droidworx multicopter airframe and Photohigher camera gimbal to be award an operator certificate (OC) from any civil aviation authority in the world. Obtaining government approval to operate a UAV in urban areas was quite a task, undertaken over a 9 month period and requiring thorough assessment by CASA.

COPTERCAM founder, Mr Hai Tran said: "After observing a number of illegal operators flying their drones with disregard to public safety and privacy, we share the concerns raised by civil liberties group.  Commercial operators must be held to a higher standard of care because they owe it to their clients and the public, whose privacy and safety may be put at risk.  Our OC application went pretty smoothly because all our UAV pilots also hold a Private Pilot Licence at a minimum.  This allows us to share the airspace with real aircraft and ensures that our pilots have the right mindset about aviation safety".


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  • Congratulations!

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    @Ellison. Charge money.

    I can fly anywhere except in CTA or PRA.

    @Randy. When the govt already trusts you to fly a plane upto 5,700kg over populous areas, a 5kg aircraft is a no brainer :-)
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         nicely done! congrats.  Interesting about how having pilot's licenses made it go more smoothly...

  • So what does the OC enable you to do?  Can you fly anywhere you want in Austrailia?

  • It's people like you that give people like me hope for the future. Congratulations and thank you!

  • I take my hat off! Thank you for sharing your progress and passion with us Hai. I hope you will continue reporting and sharing with us even if you'we gone pro. 

  • Congratulations!

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