In case you are wary of having drones, such as RC helicopters, quadrotors…, flying around your house and invading your privacy, DroneShield can help you detect consumers’ drones by using a Raspberry Pi, a microphone and FFTW library, a C library for computing the discrete Fourier transform.

DroneShield.jpgThe device will capture the audio with the microphone, analyze the noise spectrum of the drone flying around, and search for an entry in a signature database, and if a match is found the device will then send an email or SMS to inform you of the “invader”.

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 electronic countermeasures are coming :)

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  • "Too dumb for words..."


    Yet something tells me they'll still sell a million of these.

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    Its a thorny problem and many have been working through this issue for a while



  • Forget refinancing toaster ovens.  The next economic boom will be in raspberry pi drone detectors.  But watch out for the parallela drone detector evaders.

  • It is much more likely someone that builds a detector off opencv or similar technology will be successful, perhaps they are trying to detect the UAS in the 50-150kg range that are non fixed wing? The reaper is misleading.... if they are looking to detect commercial drones I am sure a 2015 ruling will require ADS-B compliance which will be easy to detect them at that point. 

  • it's really an AR Drone detector; in stock form they'd sound similar I Guess... if you were flying right over the top of the detector... I can say that my hex sounds very different to my quad, and I'll say that both sound different to what someone else is flying... different weights, motors, props... and if you 'got detected' and wanted to change that, just change your props, go for those carbon fiber ones you've been eyeing off... 

    and what if the drone is a fixed wing uav??  that won't fly very low if it's 'perving' on you, and you probably wouldn't hear it unless it did a fast flyby of your detector, even then, they'd all sound different as well... especially to a computer... 

  • Too dumb for words...

  • Here comes the tinfoil
  • At the bottom of their indiegogo is this disclaimer: 

    "The system will have a maximum detection range that's a function of the signature, background noise, and how loud the drone is. Because of this, we expect the system to have difficulty detecting high-altitude drones.

    Kinda funny how the first photo you see on there is a reaper drone...

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