Although it was a short lived flight it was fun. I always enjoy flying with my Pops, what makes it better is that I have both video from the ground and onboard the aircraft.  This helps identify what mistakes I made and why I had an unsecessful fight.


  1. Over wieght .........aircraft not me LOL!!
  2. I was flying to LOW
  3. I was flying to SLOW
  4. I was facing the sun
  5. ???????

As I almost start my downwind as AirCraft stalls to the inside.  I try to roll left but it's to late and not enough power to pull out of it.  Watch my Airspeed drop right before I stall.


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  • Same problem here for me :


    with onboard camera, transmitter and osd you need lot of more speed than without.

    the stall will come very quickly and the plane will fall in one or the other roll direction... for me the strenght needed to raise the nose is so strong that it twist the elevator surface, when I want to climb I have to compensate with ailerons.

  • I can't say for sure from your video, but I had a serious problem with my Edge 540 wanting to roll to one side coming out of even a mild dive. It turns out the elevator surfaces were connected with a wooden dowel and I hadn't glued them securely enough. When I would pull up, one surface would move more than the other and cause a roll. Is it possible you had some hangar rash and the elevator just happened to let go at that point in the flight?
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