Epic FPV - Caesarea Maritima

I finally got around to editing the footage I got at Caesarea Maritima:

Specs of the copter are as follow:

Frame designed by me and CNC'd from G10 (600mm MTM)

Sunnysky V2216-11 (800Kv)

Turnigy Plush 25a ESC's

Paris V4.0 with an ebay IMU (L3G4200D+ADXL345+BMP085+HMC5883L) and multiwiicopter.com GPS

DragonLink V1

GoPro Hero2 mounted on earplugs

PZ0420 from Securitycamera2000

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  • @Assaf,

    I am a strong supporter of Israel and have been there several times. I was just asking because there's nobody more diligent about homeland security, surveillance, and protecting their people than the IDF. But maybe because of the aggregate intellect of the people of Israel, they know that these little UAVs do not pose a threat, and actually provide a capability in the hands of regular people that allows us to do something really special. Nevertheless, I suspect that if you tried to do something like this over the Old City or downtown Tel Aviv, it might not be in the air too long.

  • What an amazingly beautiful place! I want to go there and have some sushi!

  • Actually every cop I've ever met in the US loves my multirotors. They think they are awesome. It's the hippies growing weed in their back yards that freak out if they see you with one. That was in California.

    Now that I live in Washington and it's legal to have up to an ounce of weed on you with or without a card nobody really cares. They're just like, "Wow man is that like a drone and stuff?" And I always say, "Yep it's a drone." Then they say can you like look into people windows with it. And I always say," You can if you're deranged pervert. But they aren't very stealthy and they hurt when they hit you. So I try to stay away from people and their windows."

  • @Steve

    Why would you think Israel would be more protective than the US about this kind of thing?

    Not trying to stir things up, just curious of how you imagine Israel (being an Israeli myself...).

    For general information - It is illegal to fly drones in Israel proffessionally (except for a very few models that passed the harsh regulations). It is also illegal to fly them for hobby above public areas, and the restrictions are pretty harsh on where or how to fly (height, LOS etc.) but the restrictions are strictly for safety reasons, no security issues here. I guess it is easier to fly those in israel without some cop asking you to tkae the thing down than in the US.

  • @Justin



    We did the flights in a time when the park was nearly empty, a local ranger was totally cool with us flying there.

  • Beautiful. Such a magnificent location.

    Does Israel permit private UAV flights? Or do you just try and grab flying times when nobody's around? I would think the Israelis would be pretty protective about this kind of thing.

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