Er9x transmitter now with MavLink


The er9x transmitter now will display MavLink data on the LCD.

Gerard Valade a DIYdrones member wrote the software and myself who was the principal debugger.

Works at 19200 and 38400 baud. Still have a problem with 57600 baud. Some kind of timing issue yet.

Here is a pic of the arduplane 2.30 MavLink display on the er9x.

There is an Xbee inside the er9x to receive the MaveLink data from the APN2.0 purple board.

We will post the er9x firmware soon.


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  • @Pete

    The compile for the ardupilot program ? and 38k works ok


  • Developer
    The arduino serial library seems to have had a specific baud rate generator issue at 57600.
    Fixed in latest arduino ide.
  • I forgot to point out the LCD backlight mod and the Smartieparts programmer board !


  • 3692377450?profile=originalYou see my er9x is loaded ! Has a Spectrum TX module to fly my Blade Mqx quad.

    You can see the 3.3vdc regulator and Xbee.

    I have a Walkera TX module the same size as the Spectrum module I am going to add also.

    With all the antennas poking out, my Er9x is beginning to look like a porcupine !


  • My er9x runs on 7.2vdc so I have a new 3.3v regulator on the 7v line. This is to ensure the XBee has the power it needs on transmit and that the er9x doesnt brown out. My 900mhz XBee is a 60mw out unit. If XBee used on rx only, you could run it on 3.3v inside er9x, I would not do that tho. A new regulator is so easy so I recommend doing it that way.
  • Hi Earl

    I flashed the unit and it looks great. Appreciate the post.

    A few questions if you would be so kind.

    1. No problem on the TX and RX

    2. Where is the best place to pull VCC and GND for XBee . Off the pins on the Mega 21/22 or 52/53 (same potential?) or elsewhere?

    3. Assume it is only the 4 pins required from XBee being Vcc, GND, RX, TX



  • Found this little sucker, says it's for cell phones.  could I just run a cable from the antenna port of the xBeePro 900 RPSMA to the "input" of that 3W 900mhz amplifier? Will this allow me to push way-point updates to my air frame from miles away, just like the Long Range UHF systems for the 9x

  • yes.

    Can you tell i have taken my night pills ?


  • LOL, nice... ok that makes sense which means "NO" you are not pushing everything over that Xbee link.  Is the er9x still transmitting to it's own data to the Rx on the air-frame?

  • You should display a QR code, and then we can use our phones to actually interpret the data: :-)


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