External Compass for APM2.5+, APM2.6


Custom made APM2.5+, APM2.6 specific external compass module


We made easy to use external compass module for APM2.X Flight controllers. If you need to have external compass and you don't want to change your GPSes yet. Here is your best and easiest choice for it.

This module fits directly to your APM2.X boards. If you have APM2.5 board, just disconnect internal compass by disconnecting jumper and add this board. 

As board is a standalone board, you can mount it easily places that have least of magnetic interference. 

Board comes with connecting cable and it fits directly to external I2C port on APM2.X boards.



If you put components down, connector forward it is same as in 3DR GPS (Manual: Roll 180)

if you put components up, connector forward it is same as standard APM (Manual: None)

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Price 14.99 USD



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  • When / where can we buy this from a UK supplier?

  • Developer

    Great, it's good to keep our girls in downstairs busy :)

  • Thanks for the info. Am integrating the items received from jdrones as we speak.

  • Developer

    i would not use too long cables on I2C bus as long cables creates noise. Shorter it is better it will be. cable that comes with compass board is 15cm long. On our tests that has been working fine. So having GPS and compass on one wing and other stuff on other wing with 15cm cables is far enough already. 

    In airplanes you have anyways a lot less interference than in multicopters. Multicopters everything is stacked on top of each other and distances are short.

  • But what is the maximum length between compass, GPS from APM? I'd like to install compass, GPS, and receivers on one wing, opposite from the transmitting devises on other wing.

  • Nice one Jani. Just what I need for my aero-towed glider.

  • Developer

    All pins are fully compatible but PX4 has +5V output on it's power pin. This board does not have regulator as APM2.X outputs 3v3 from it's connectors. We will have another board coming soon that has internal regulator for PX4 users. 

  • Developer

    Chester yes it should work with PX4 boards too without any hacking. Only thing that needs to check is pin order on cable. I am currently checking cable order against APM2.X and PX4IO boards I2C ports

  • Does this unit compatible with PX4? As I know compass from 3drobotics not compotible without hacking.

This reply was deleted.