FAA claims the moon.


Forget about the FAA - drones controversy. Now the FAA claims the control over the Moon landings.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has caused a bit of stir by hinting that it plans to expand its authority to include exploration of the moon and the use of its resources. News agency Reuters has reported that it has obtained a copy of a letter composed by officials with the agency and sent to U.S. based Bigelow Airspace—in it, the agency said it plans to leverage its launching authority by adding licensing authority of moon assets—all to encourage private companies to invest in such activities. The reason such a move has caused a stir, of course, is because it appears that the U.S. agency is attempting to expand its oversight into an area where it does not have the authority to do so.

Read more at: FAA control of moon landings

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  • NOT a April, 1 joke!

    Exert from the document from http://www.faa.gov/other_visit/aviation_industry/designees_delegati...

    "The Commercial Space Act (Title 49, Subtitle IX, Chapter 701) placed the FAA in the role of regulation of civil activity in outer space with the Office of Commercial Space Transportation. The FAA regulates and facilitates all commercial launches and licenses spaceports. In the future will be responsible for certification of civil astronaut activities."

    Also check  the moonbase operations http://www.faa.gov/other_visit/aviation_industry/designees_delegati...

  • Hm.. and i thought the Moon was under control of IronSky... now I'm really confused ;)

    Ok i can see that there sooner or later will be some sort of regulation but as long as there is no "shuttle" service i doubt that we will have problems... but im sure there will be reckless flying by enthusiasts or how would you call the landing procedures that didn't follow the set rules ;)

    till then i really hope they start to root their rule making back down to earth.

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    Agree too early for 1. Of April..
  • That's not possible. I claimed the moon and its resources for myself nearly 46 years ago.
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    Best ask the Chinese though

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    April Fools came early?

  • What the crap?? So the FAA seriously thinks they have authority over.... the moon?  And, they think that adding additional government regulation (with fees and taxes) will... encourage private industry?

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