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  • Marty, I believe your sentiments are noble, but I'm sorry - most people here don't want to roll over and just accept that the FAA knows best. They don't, and they've demonstrated it time and time again. Also, their definition of commercial flight is based on manned flights with cargo or passengers. Not foamies carrying go pros.

    I believe most people would welcome rules that reflect the modern technology, and were genuinely about safety. its funny how so many other countries have rules which are just as safe, but do not prohibit commercial use. Because they realise that safety applies to all flights, regardless of purpose. The FAA should heed this.

  • Uh, Jamie - 

    This is exactly the FAA's point. Education education education. This is why they think we need guidance. When they talk about altitude they mean AGL - Above Ground Level so on an 8000 foot mountain you can fly 8400 feet MSL - Mean Sea Level which is the aforementioned AGL. The very fact that this is not known makes their point.

    And yes they can restrict commercial use. In fact congress told them they have to. Read the law. Or ask ultralight pilots about their similar rules. The FAA can, they are supposed to, and they will. And I am glad. Commercial users should be held to a higher standard. Certification, licensing, inspection. You know. Rules.

    The law from congress to the FAA says something like the FAA shall promulgate (great word, can't they say make?) no rules affecting model aircraft. Cool Huh?

    Your last statement is exactly on point. "For now stick to the rules for hobbyists and do what you want." But be sure you understand what a 'hobbyist' is. Congress says it is, and I paraphrase (you can read the notice and the law on your own) NO commercial use, use strictly for fun only, maintain visual contact by the operator at all times, 55 pounds, 400 ft AGL, no interference with 'Real' planes. Etc. By the way they get to define what is a model and what is commercial use and not us. Read their examples.

    We are not going to win by fighting them, I promise. We need to show them we can be and are responsible and want to help them make safe reasonable rules. We will get nowhere shouting that we should act like Pirates or Cowboys.   

    Dr Marty

  • "Do fly at a local club"

    "Any other use requires FAA authorisation".


    "Dear FAA. I plan to fly my nanoqx in the kitchen later this evening. A my kitchen is not a local flying club, may I please have authorisation to fly please".


  • Does the FAA or the AMA for that matter really think that the airports want a phone call every time you , me and little Johnny Smith are flying our quad in our backyard or local park. I've talked to my airport. They just say use common sense.

    Maybe that's what’s needed to ring the FAAs bell. Every time you fly, pick up the phone and let your airport know you'll be flying 50 to a couple hundred feet high a few miles from the airport. After the laughter the first two times they will begin to be annoyed.

  • Any one else notice the subtle change in the syntax.

    They are changing from "expect" and "should" to "must" and "shall". 

    This difference is actually quite important.

  • I notice they missed out the bit about banning FPV goggles.

  • There should be in large text at the start that FAA and its rules only apply in the US. This will save people the time of reading and worry about little details about laws.

  • There isn't actually an enforceable maximum ceiling.  If I am on top of a 8,000 ft mountain can I still fly?  The FAA is reaching and they know it. They cannot restrict commercial use of a UAS.  They can establish reasonable safety regulations and they will. They will have to establish licensing and guidelines first just as congress dictated.  They are not the FTC. For now stick to the rules for hobbyists and do what you want.

  • Can anyone think of a reason why the FAA would stop short of placing a maximum ceiling on the DON'T list?
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