I wish my institute listed in this.. :-(

Some excerpts..

"It includes a number of universities from all over the country, including Cornell University, Georgia Tech, Mississippi State University and Eastern Gateway Community College. It makes sense for universities to have access to U.S. airspace to fly drones — after all, they are the ones doing a lot of the research on new drone technologies, so they might as well be able to test their own creations near campus"

"While it’s easy to balk at the idea of students at a small community college in eastern Ohio flying drones over the heads of our youth, remember that most drones aren’t the Hellfire missile-carrying behemoths we hear about flying over Afghanistan. Small, inexpensive drones are routinely used by filmmakers and amateur hobbyists, meaning students could learn a lot from drones without putting anybody in danger"

and the list:

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  • @Justin Stiltner, same here. We were in the middle of a flight test project when these rules were first issued. The project was delayed over a year for the application process! We can only fly over our private airport (83TX).

    @Cliff-E, which project caught your eye?

  • @Ellison, I like the way you think..  Then we could use government money instead of my own when I rebuild from a crash...


  • Carl you don't need a COA in Canada, because you need an SFOC.  If you get caught flying commercially without a SFOC, assume the position, because you will be fined.  Also you will need insurance, in case anything bad happens.

  • In Canada you don,t need a COA provided it is programed to go into " it was not mine?" mode if it goes rogue and something bad happens! ooops!(build with least identifiable markings keep flights and launch areas secret etc.)

  • This list appears biased to me. Why did the FAA list some specific universities rather than an institution of universities ie. California State University, University of California, etc. There are also no details to how these schools were chosen/qualified and how to apply to be on this list.

    How does a university flying a UAV differ from a hobbyist flying a UAV? Both can claim they are flying for their own enjoyment.

  • One of my buddies from work showed me this:

    Really kinda upset over how stupid the author was and didn't fact check.
    "But astonishingly, 19 universities and colleges are registered owner.."
    Reporting like this is very bad for us.
  • @Cliff, my guess is they are just saying "to hell with it, we're just going to do it anyway", as are so many small business owners in the US.

  • Moderator

    @Cliff I don't think they have ever had a COA

  • How do I get my university (UNM) on the list ? I am a student in astrophysics. (66yo)


  • Say it ain't so, all the universities that are making the most progress (and public exposure) are not on the list... None of them (Stanford, UPenn, CMU, MIT, Columbia)...

    Though I do recall Texas A&M was doing some very interesting work a little over a year ago.

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