I wish my institute listed in this.. :-(

Some excerpts..

"It includes a number of universities from all over the country, including Cornell University, Georgia Tech, Mississippi State University and Eastern Gateway Community College. It makes sense for universities to have access to U.S. airspace to fly drones — after all, they are the ones doing a lot of the research on new drone technologies, so they might as well be able to test their own creations near campus"

"While it’s easy to balk at the idea of students at a small community college in eastern Ohio flying drones over the heads of our youth, remember that most drones aren’t the Hellfire missile-carrying behemoths we hear about flying over Afghanistan. Small, inexpensive drones are routinely used by filmmakers and amateur hobbyists, meaning students could learn a lot from drones without putting anybody in danger"

and the list:

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  • Robert, yes that process is to obtain SFOC for models larger than 35kg.  The regular SFOC is needed for commercial operation.  However, TC obviously has a soft spot of AMA and MAAC members.

  • @Ellison, very interesting!  Though it appears that the MAAC exemption is only for non-commercial purposes?

  • Does this affect public high schools (specifically Canadian)? Unlike a university they're government funded so it falls under educational(teaching aid) use and not commercial?

  • Oh, Robert, about the "fast track".  A "simplified" process is used for AMA and MAAC members.

    See the Staff Instruction for SFOC.  You get to fill in "Form B", instead of "Form A".

  • Robert, not real F-16's.  But maybe they can start a drone air force.  And then then recruit RC flyers to join and fly model F-16 patrol missions. 

  • Oh, I've got it, how about another requirement: Alert the Air Force so that they can have two F-16's circling the test field with radio comms to the flight crew for emergency shoot down should the test drone go rogue.

    I probably shouldn't joke...

  • @Justin, what, you don't need to have an air ambulance at the field on standby as well?  No personal approval from POTUS?

    Holy crap.

    @Ellison, where did you hear about this "fast track" for SFOC?  I hadn't heard that before.

  • Moderator

    Individuals cannot hold a COA

  • At least in Canada you have to be a member of MAAC (AMA equiv.) to "fast tracked" for SFOC application.  Isn't there such a thing in US for the COA application?

  • Scary. How many of these students even have ANY flight experience?
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